A Storm of Swords Pdf

A Storm of Swords Pdf

A Storm of Swords Pdf

A Storm of Swords Pdf

About the book:

A Storm of Swords book

Author:                      George R.R. Martin

Series:                         A Song of Ice and Fire

Publisher:                   Bantam

Publish date:               March 4, 2003

ISBN-10:                      055357342X

ISBN-13:                      9780553573428

Pages:                          1216 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy Books


“A Storm of Swords – Steel and Snow” rebuke the outcome of “A Clash of Kings” and it triggered new supplement intrigues. I found that this volume was the most successful in character development:
– Jon & Igritte as they move towards the wall and the knowledge of the famous “King Beyond-the-Wall”
– Jaime & Brienne in their journey to Riverrun
– Catelyn and Robb & intrigue beginning with House Frey
– Arya with Beric and Thoros! Awesome
– Tyrion and Sansa in King’s Landing
– Bran with Meera and Jojen or story unravels interestingly the last chapter
– Daenerys in his quest for an army to reclaim the Iron Throne

A small disappointment Samwell but above Davos is not present enough although its chapters are still essential to follow the history of Stannis. Note also the appearance of many new characters that give the story of renewal, as the importance of starting to take Florent, Martell and Tyrell.

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