A Working Musicians Joke Book Pdf

A Working Musicians Joke Book Pdf

A Working Musicians Joke Book Pdf

A Working Musicians Joke Book Pdf

About the book:

A Working Musicians Joke Book

Author:                      Daniel Theaker, Mike Freen

Publisher:                   Sound And Vision

Publish date:               September 1, 1997

ISBN-10:                      092015123X

ISBN-13:                     9780920151235

Pages:                          96 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Joke Books


A priceless selection of one-liners, comical dentition, yarns and witty quotes from the cosmos of music. Most professions have their own jests, but musicians seem to suffer more than their average portion. Maybe it’s the mad travel schedule, the bad lodgings or just lack of nap.And then perhaps the reason musicians love poking fun at one another is nothing more than getting in first before everyone else manages. Or perhaps choosing mirth is the only alternate to desolation. Daniel Theaker’s A Working Musician’s Joke Book is an accumulation of the hilarious and most prevalent music jests today. From groaners to instinctive busters, these puns really imitate the attitudes and behaviors of people who make music for a living. There are lots of the typical “How many sopranos does it need to change a light bulb?”Type jokes in here, but they’re elegantly spaced out with some brilliant, technical and obscure jokes that clearly add up from trained musicians.There’s enough corniness to make even the most easygoing miso groan, and at the same time on that point are some gags that are hysterical, and very familiar to those who play in the manufacture.The jokes are sorted by instruments and groups, with extra sections at the goal for those oddities who don’t fit in anyplace else.. Anyhow, here is a really large selection of jokes, quotes and news reports from the world’s second oldest profession.A large assemblage!Enjoy!

A Working Musicians Joke Book pdf

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