An Echo in the Bone Pdf

An Echo in the Bone Pdf

An Echo in the Bone Pdf

An Echo in the Bone Pdf

About the Book:

An Echo in the Bone Book

Author:                        Diana Gabaldon

Publisher:                    Dell; Reissue edition

Publish date:               May 24, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0440245680

ISBN-13:                      9780440245681

Pages:                          1200

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Romance, Time travel


Another prodigious book from Diana and one which I feel compelled to comment on for a number of reasons. First, yes there are many major climaxes in this story that did not reach their conclusion by the end of Echo. That’s good news – we’re going to get another book. Right, Diana? Second, this is absolutely Diana’s style and her work. Granted, there were a couple of occasions where I was left asking, ‘what the hell just happened?’ Claire may or may not have taken Lord John up on his offer, but Lord John would most certainly have made his offer, out of his love for Jamie. The Lallybrock part and the return to Scotland – I do not get the impression that this area is complete – yet. Jenny’s never been one to go unheeded or ignored – we’ll hear more on that note in the next book.

I’m a ravenous reader, but Diana’s books are the only ones that I can read, over & over, and never get tired of it. She has a definite gift. Her characters come thriving in every detail, and they stick with you, long after you’ve read the last page, and put the book down. I love the title of book seven for just that reason – these books echo in your bones. And while some aspects of the book may have been shocking, or not what one anticipated – well, isn’t that part of the point? Diana wrote the book, not me or you. God knows Diana left us all hanging on this one! There were enough twists, turns, and mysteries to keep me glued to the pages and I hope it won’t take forever for the next Outlander book to come out because quite a few surprises happen late in this one and don’t get settled before the end. On that, I believe she has a great deal of material she’s already written – we’ll see it in the next books. And the extracts on her website – well, she has the right to discard whatever she chooses to discard, after all, she is the author.
Brilliant Job, Diana! Thank you! Now tell us you’re busy typing away on the next one? We’re going mad out here!
Lastly – buy this series – you will not regret it, ever. This series should be in your collection, in hard bound, if possible. If you love big books and verbose authors, history and some romance – you’ll love this series. I guarantee it!

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