Annabel Pdf Delirium 0.5

Annabel Pdf

Annabel Pdf Delirium 0.5

Annabel Pdf Delirium 0.5

About the Book:

Annabel, Delirium 0.5 Book

Author:                        Lauren Oliver

Publisher:                    HarperCollins

Publish date:               December 26, 2012

ASIN:                             B0089LOHAG

ISBN-10:                      0062237381

ISBN-13:                      9780062237385

Pages:                          44 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult


Wow, once again beautiful writing from Lauren Oliver.

This novella was so brilliant and gives us more insight into the life of Lena’s mother, Annabel. It was set in the same way as Pandemonium with Then and Now alternate chapters.
I was really delighted when I heard about this short novel because Lena’s mother has always fascinated me as a character and I adored the way she wasn’t afraid to rebel against the system. We get to see more of this in the story and now I see where Lena gets her gritty streak from. She is certainly her mother’s daughter.
As fascinating as this novella was I feel like it was just a bit too momentary which I kind of liked while reading it but now looking back, I wished it had been a bit longer and gone into more expound. We got a swift dip back into the world but then it was gone again, all too abruptly. Luckily, Requiem will be out shortly and we can get a conclusion to the trilogy.
I really like the prose of this book. It is told From Annabel’s perspective and from 2 different time periods. You have Then and Now. I liked the fact that it was more like a diary entry for Annabel. I felt like I was getting her most intimate thoughts and emotions which definitely made me feels more associated to her. Now I think if this would have been a novel it may have been way too exhaustive for me, maybe a bit too emotional (sad), but the fact that this was only thirty-five (35) pages it worked really well. It also leads us to the world that we will be reading of in Delirium, but we also able to look on the world when Annabel was younger.

Annabel talks a lot about being cured in the beginning I thought maybe a disease was going around but then she talked about being married and such. Not too certain what that is about but can’t wait to find out!

I can’t say anything more, but I am definitely recommending this book if you haven’t read this series.
Another good point of this novella is that you get the first 2 chapters of Requiem at the end!
I wouldn’t say it is vital to read this but it definitely adds that extra bit of enjoyment for me. I loved this very much. It’s a well-ordered insight to a character we don’t know.

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