Ark Angel Pdf (Alex Rider Adventure)

Ark Angel Pdf

Ark Angel Pdf

Ark Angel Pdf

About the book:

Ark Angel book

Author:                        Anthony Horowitz

Publisher:                    Puffin; Reprint edition

Publish date:               April 5, 2007

ISBN-10:                      0142407380, 0744583241

ISBN-13:                      9780142407387

Pages:                          326 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Adventure, Spy novel, thriller novel



Ark Angel picks up immediately where Scorpia, book 5, left off. At the end of that book, we saw Alex Rider on the ground, injured by a sniper’s bullet. For those who thought that Anthony Horowitz was planning to scotch our beloved young MI6 agent, please be certain that Ark Angel does not in any way imply dead. Alex is alive and pretty well, recovering in a high-class private hospital in London. The sniper’s bullet missed his heart, instead bouncing off a rib and take off out his arm. Now, as he’s getting better in upper-class room 9 of the hospital, he becomes friends with Paul. The same Paul that turns out to be the son of Nikolai Drevin, one of the richest men in the world.

When Alex saves Paul during an abduction attempt, Nikolai invites Alex to finish his recovery at his manor. Alex soon marvels at the insight of being in Drevin’s company, however, when he mugs up that an eco-terrorist group known as Force3 has threatened not only the Drevin family, but the welfare of the whole world.

Nikolai Drevin’s hottest project, Ark Angel, is in full swing. Designed to become the 1st ultimate luxury hotel in outer space, it includes the whole enchilada the world’s richest people could want. It’s also, at least according to Force3, a menace to the environment of Earth as we know it. Now the members of the radical group are out to stop Ark Angel from ever opening, and they’ll do anything–and whatsoever–they can to see their task come to accomplishment. Even if it means plunging the hotel back through the ether and onto Earth’s surface.

Ark Angel is another action-packed novel that will keep you turning pages all the way through to the end. Alex Rider has come a long way since the 14-year old boy moored into complying with MI6, but there’s part of him that’s still gritty to leave the spy business for good. Yet he knows that his services are required, and the endless action of Ark Angel show in detail why that is. You won’t go off beam with any of the books in the Alex Rider series, and I can say that I’m delighted about the inaugural of the movie Alex Rider – Operation Storm breaker, the 1st Alex Rider adventure, which is in development now.

This is an adoring book full of action and exploits. The deferral made you stay up late and read to find out what is going on. The finest part is the means that Alex Rider uses to dispatch of his followers. This is an outstanding book, everything about this book makes it better than other lackluster books. You should definitely read this book either you are male or female, because it has a tiny tad of romance. It makes you appreciate the worth of a “normal” life.

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