Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex Pdf (Book 7)

The Atlantis Complex Pdf

The Atlantis Complex Pdf

The Atlantis Complex Pdf

About the book:

The Atlantis Complex book

Author:                        Eoin Colfer

Publisher:                    Disney-Hyperion; Reprint edition

Publish date:               May 8, 2012

ISBN-10:                      1423129725

ISBN-13:                      9781423129721

Pages:                          304 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Fantasy



I must begin this review by telling you that this book is totally changed than any other book in the series. Like, really. Artemis even talk over how the adventure was diverse in the Epilogue. Not that it doesn’t blend in; the exciting adventure and delightful humor is still there. But something about it is fairly different. Maybe it’s the desperado who is obsessed more by romance than anything else. Maybe it’s the fact that the protagonists are, the majority of the time, 2 steps behind said desperado rather than 2 steps ahead. I think the 2nd one is it. It seems like the protagonists have a stranded demeanor about them most of the time. But in some way, this enhances the story rather than detracting from it. The terrifying state of Artemis’s mind adds an emotional level to this story that none of the other’s seem to have. I thoroughly revel in the strolls into Artemis’s brain; the change-character Orion is also an enchantment to read about. There is something a bit darker about this book, too, which I consider is a good thing. Like I said, it is a bit-more ardently driven than the rest. I find this interesting. Also, I was delighted by the fact that most of the plot was an apparent set-up for an upcoming Artemis/Holly relationship. I’m also going to tell you that I was a bit confused for the 1st half of the book. I felt like I was supposed to be conversant with Turn ball Root, and I kept thinking “where I have heard this name before?” I then summoned up a story from The Artemis Fowl Files, about Holly’s introduction to Recon. This explicates a lot of Root’s backstory, and truly made the story get on for me. The ending is oddly heart-ricking and satisfying, regardless of the fact that it clearly leaves a huge cliffhanger for the eighth book.

I love how you can just feel everything coming to an end, and I’m certain the next book will be the last. Although I’m indeed dejected that my adventures with Artemis will be over, every story needs an end. Anyhow, I really enjoyed this book. It surely wasn’t my absolute favorite in the series, but it has so much sensation and fascination that I loved it anyway. Certainly a great addition to this series!

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