Before I Fall Pdf

Before I Fall Pdf

Before I Fall Pdf

Before I Fall Pdf

About the book:

Before I Fall book

Author:                        Lauren Oliver

Publisher:                    Hodder Paperbacks

Publish date:               22 July 2010

ISBN-10:                      0340980907

ISBN-13:                      9780340980903

Pages:                          368 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young Adult


If you follow a few Anglophone blogosphere, it was hard to miss that one. It was everywhere and most of the time with lots of stars and hearts next to the title. So I had huge expectations. Which is always risky. So my general impressions? I liked a lot, really. But I have small flats, all the same.
This novel is the story of Sam, student terminal (Senior, in the US). And for the brief introduction, Sam is a bitch. You know the kind of carefree girl who is very pretty, is girlfriend with the most beautiful girl – and most bitch – the school, which has the best table that comes with LE guys, who can all afford that can ruin a reputation for snapping fingers? One that, too, is not ashamed to laugh at others, even hurt them. One that does not stoop to talk to his old friends afraid to go down the social ladder of his High School. In short, Samantha is not a nice, sweet girl.
That day, February 12, it’s a pretty normal day. Sam goes to school with his friends and is preparing to THE do with his buddy Rob. Except that after a party at Kent, a childhood friend whom she has not spoken for 7 years – I love the character, by the way- she and her friends are involved in an accident and Sam dies. Except she wakes up the next morning. February 12th. Yet Again. And again.

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