Bridget Jones’s Diary Pdf

Bridget Jones’s Diary Pdf

Bridget Jones's Diary Pdf

Bridget Jones’s Diary Pdf

About the book:

Bridget Jones’s Diary book

Author:                        Helen Fielding

Publisher:                    Picador

Publish date:               20 Jun. 1997

ISBN-10:                      0330332775

ISBN-13:                      9780330332774

Pages:                          310 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction


What do the City of London, a gay best friend, best two feminist friends, a lawyer and a friend “proud to be married?” They bridget! This London wanting to be happy just saw rocanbolesques adventures and makes us share! On reading his diary we feel privileged to be the confidant of Bridget! We live in the time of our reading at the same rate that we share his joys sorrows … A true moment of happiness that ! Reading this book When closed we have only one desire: to plunge us back into the adventures of Miss BridgetJones.
Having recently reviewed the film in VF me want to read the book in anglais. his good level of English is required, no slang evil, not a few references to the British public figures or little known French in general. I have to make a comparison with the film to give an opinion. In the film a lot of comic scenes (hilarious) were added and the story has been modified to make it more romantic. The book is much more caustic, Bridget of moods are portrayed with more depth and cruelty. A real treat.

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