Chinese Nutrition Therapy PDF: Dietetics in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Nutrition Therapy PDF

Chinese Nutrition Therapy PDF

Chinese Nutrition Therapy PDF

About the book:

Chinese Nutrition Therapy book

Author:                        Joerg Kastner

Publisher:                    Thieme; 2nd edition edition

Publish date:               December 17, 2008

ISBN-10:                      3131309628

ISBN-13:                      9783131309624

Pages:                         292 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Medical, Nutrition Therapy



This book is the best book on Chinese nutrition I have ever been able to catch! The author is a certified acupuncturist and a medical doctor from Germany and extremely in depth, comprehensive, and organized. There are sections clearing up customary Chinese medicine theory, common nutrition, communal disease patterns and food cure, single food therapeutics, case studies, food tables by energetics, and food tables by name. I truly adore this book! It is simple to use, and very useful! A must have for your collection if you like nutrition, Chinese medication, or just want to cure health complications naturally with food! If you are a specialist of traditional Chinese medicine looking for a script that is hypothetically comprehensive and clinically applicable, look no further. Its contemporary layout, use of currently recognized lingo and inclusiveness make this book a great leap forward for education and practice in traditional Chinese medicine Nutrition.

The layout of the book is good and the theories are presented clearly. This book covers the basic and covers them awesomely-well. Our family has recently seen a Chinese nutritionist to help my son’s bad skin and my daughter’s gastric complications. This viewpoint of eating is in collocation to the usual American diet we have consumed all our lives, so this book was beneficial in expounding instructions from our nutritionist. The philosophy of Chinese medication is well described, even for a novice like me. It clarifies what foods are suitable, in what recipe, with what health problems. It was exciting to learn how climate changes affect the foods you should be eating. Most of the book is essentially written for the practice of a nutritionist, with follow-ups on which herbs to prescribe. The book is well structured, making it easy to look up particular foods or food types. I refer to this book more than just about any in my library and it always gives me insight and perspective. Overall, I would recommend this book.

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