Halo Contact Harvest Pdf

Halo Contact Harvest Pdf

Contact Harvest Pdf

Contact Harvest Pdf

About the Book:

Halo Contact Harvest Book
Author:                             Joseph Staten

Publisher:                        Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:                   March 31, 2009

ISBN-10:                         0765354713

ISBN-13:                          9780765354716

Pages:                            400 eBook pages can be different

Language:                      English

Genres:                             Military science fiction


This book is great and it evidently shows the potential of Mr. Staten’s writing. The 1st thing you will notice is the superb amount of portrayal that surely helps you imagine planet Harvest and its people. And as a prequel of the already-released prequel “The Fall of Reach,” it works and helps explicate particulars of the forerunners, and the Prophet’s knowledge and beliefs. Though “The Chief” does not make an entrance in the book as he is possibly still wearing diapers, Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson steps in as the central character of the story. He is the protagonist in the creation and here we absorb how he earns his place in this great universe.
This book really highlights the theme of friendship and not only in the human’s point of view. And a main difference between this and the prior books is a slight sense of humor. There are a few parts where it had me roaring with laughter – something I never experienced with the prior novels.
Compared to the former books I believe Eric Nylund still has the superiority in terms of storytelling. For instance, the impressive quality of the former books is sadly missing here. It does have plenty of action but not on a massive scale.
As Joseph Staten’s 1st effort this is a great start, and I’m certain given some more novels he will only get better. To all those of you craving a good read I definitely recommend “Halo: Contact Harvest,” but keep this thing in mind that it does have its own exclusive flavor.
The story features Sergeant Avery Johnson of the 1st Halo Trilogy as mankind 1st encounter’s the Covenant. It tells primary act of the Covenant War. It’s the only book that comes off totally during the prewar, fleshing out a world where humankind’s major concern was the threat of civil war from insurgent forces. The book is prominent for its slighter, more intimate scale, where 2 legions of volunteer apprentice defense forces are pitted against a few Brutes (some of whom play a vital role in Halo 2). More than that, the character growth in this book takes front and center: from the Sergeant Johnson’s crisis of integrity, to his shaky relationship with Sergeant Byrne, and even a awful love story between 2 AI characters.
This is a book that really makes the effort surmount the satisfaction of franchise sci-fi to stand on its own worth as a great little novel. I enjoyed the sight into the technology, life on the Harvest colony. The book does not resolve all the queries (particularly about the Covenant) but does provide background absent from the other novels.

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