Cracking The Coding Interview PDF

Cracking The Coding Interview PDF

Cracking the Coding Interview

Cracking the Coding Interview

About the book:

Cracking The Coding Interview book

Author:                        Tobias Buckell

Publisher:                    CareerCup; 5th Revised & enlarged edition

Publish date:               August 22, 2011

ISBN-10:                      098478280X

ISBN-13:                      9780984782802

Pages:                          508 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Military science fiction



If you are planning to appear for a technical interview at any software-house, I highly recommend studying this book.

When I started my preparation, the whole process seemed really unnerving. There is so much to study, and there is great amount of material available out there. I was really muddled on what and how to prepare. A friend of mine suggested me this book and so I read it.
I studied this book thoroughly for the preparation. It provides a great outline on all the basic structures and algorithms you will be likely to know when you have your software development interview. Regardless of the fact that you think you know linked lists just like the back of your hand, Gayle McDowell will give you a query that makes you scratch your head a bit.

The answers for all the questions are clarified in great detail in the back. Typically she starts with a simple solution that works, and the one you probably came up with 1st, and then she polishes it to give a better Big-O intricacy. It’s sort of a meta-lesson to train you to sharpen up your solutions after you’ve come up with them during the interview. It’s really important if you plan to have an interview in USA. Here everybody asks algorithm based questions.

The book starts with chapters centering at non-coding aspects (company-info, resume, behavioral etc.). I feel that, thoroughly covering just these first 25 pages is enough for doing well in the ‘Human Resource’ parts of tech-interviews.

Next, it contains 150 questions convened by types, covering all the related areas. And finally it has beneficial information, solutions and explanations for all the questions.
Rather, if you trail through these questions, learning methods; I am certain you will be able to solve questions on that day. Solving problems through the book, I learnt different creative tactics. And with practice, I was be able to find patterns in new questions that I faced.
I found couple of marginal solutions or minor mistakes in the book. I sent them to the author and amazed how quickly she replied.
The illustrations and the explanations helped me a lot to prepare for interviews. (I learnt algorithm and data structure in the institution of higher education more than 16 years ago and in Europe it’s certainly outstanding that such questions are asked instead of your direct job position associated question.
I read similar another book: Skiena – The Algorithm Design Manual. I think these 2 books and apt practice should give you ample base knowledge to have the supreme chance to pass in an interview. Of course luck is always essential for an interview.


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