Dark Sun CHERUB Pdf

Dark Sun CHERUB Pdf

Dark Sun CHERUB Pdf

Dark Sun CHERUB Pdf

About the book:

Dark Sun CHERUB book

Author:                        Robert Muchamore

Publisher:                   HODDER CHILDREN’S BOOKS; World Book Day Ed edition

Publish date:               2008

ISBN-10:                      0340956798

ISBN-13:                      9780340956793

Pages:                          128 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Spy, Thriller



Dark Sun, is the book two of the 9th installment of Robert Muchamore’s exciting spy kid series, Cherub. This book is a very good read and as you read it you get both the feelings of excitement and nervousness at the same time which is quite a strange feeling. There are 2 leading characters in this book who work for the organization Cherub. This organization is similar to a special ops division of MI5, for kids aged from ten to eighteen years old. The spies’ names are Rat, and Andy Lagan. The plot is to stop a man named Dr. Lydon who is trying to get lots of money off The Dark Sun organization by creating a blueprint of a nuclear bomb so Cherub sets the leading characters Andy and Rat on the job to destroy all of Dr. Lydon’s archives and drawings and then arrest him. Rat’s assignment is to befriend George, and then go to his house and lay up his father’s missile blueprint. They finish up having a sleepover, and Rat calls his colleague Andy (a CHERUB spy) to the sleepover. They sedate George, one of his pal’s, and his mother before they start working. The assignment goes exceptionally well, and the 2 agents make it in sabotaging the missile blueprint. Some of the good aspects of this book are that the characters are really amusing and casual and that the book has a lot of humor in it also the background is quite well-ordered. My only criticism is that the conclusion is a bit strange and it needs to explicate a tad more and the book is a tad too short.

This book is remarkable for all readers who love spying themed books. This book, Dark Sun, is totally impeccable. The text is both witty, and exciting simultaneously. Although Dark Sun’s beginning is a little hard to grasp, it’s still an outstanding book. I can associate this book to the adversities I face every day. To sum up, this book is a really a great page-turner. I would recommend it to anyone above the age of ten. It is packed with exhilaration and lots of fast paced action. If you are in search of a spying series, CHERUB is definitely the way to go!!

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