Database Development For Dummies Pdf

Database Development For Dummies Pdf

Database Development For Dummies Pdf

Database Development For Dummies Pdf

About the Book:

Database Development For Dummies Book

Author:                        Allen G. Taylor

Publisher:                    For Dummies; 1 edition

Publish date:               November 1, 2000

ISBN-10:                      0764507524

ISBN-13:                      9780764507526

Pages:                          360 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Computers, Database


Database Development For Dummies by Allen G. Taylor is a prequel to SQL for Dummies, which is used in numerous university database courses across the state. Database Development For Dummies tells why and in what way database systems came into being, then via real examples, explains the several hitches to feat that often arise in database development projects, and how to handle them.
The key to effective database development is precise and suitable modeling of the real-world system that will be placed on the computer. Database Development For Dummies describes in detail 2 common modeling methods, the entity-relationship model and the semantic object model. As soon as the model of a system is complete, the book explains how to change the model into a database layout, then implement the model on the target platform. Database on intranets and the internet is sealed off, as are the problems that come up when multiple users concurrently access the same database. A chapter is devoted to the developing enterprise database market, including data warehousing. A different chapter covers the new object-relational technology.
There is an account of some of the general design concepts but these are given a light touch and not explicated in great depth for instance, normalization. It then expounds 2 design methods based on the Entity Relationship Model and the Semantic Object Model which provide a top-down or bottom-up approach individually. They are pretty well-illuminated but like a lot of books, no indication of the feared recursive relationship. Moreover, the book continues to show you how to take the chosen model into a layout and then implement it in ms-access or sql server.
This book has a wealth of information. The author does a prodigious job at passing his knowledge on to the reader. You’ll mug up even more than you expected. This is an outstanding book on database theory. It will give you a compact understanding that is required to design database schema for any kind of system you are designing. Overall it’s pretty good and the Entity Relationship part did actually help me on a project. If you are looking for a more detailed “how-to” type book so you can leap in directly without learning the basics, this isn’t the book for you.

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