Database Management Systems Pdf By Raghu Ramakrishnan

Database Management Systems Pdf

Database Management Systems By Raghu Ramakrishnan Pdf

Database Management Systems By Raghu Ramakrishnan Pdf

About the book:

Database Management Systems book

Author:                       Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke

Publisher:                    McGraw-Hill; 3rd edition

Publish date:               August 14, 2002

ISBN-10:                      0072465638

ISBN-13:                      9780072465631

Pages:                        1104 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Database Management Systems, Computer Science, Programming



I never thought I would enjoy learned about databases so much, let alone from a 900-page book. In my judgment, it’s one of the finest book on the subject, and it is for a purpose that this textbook is used in Berkeley’s undergraduate database course. Some criticize about this that it doesn’t cover common database vendor operations (Oracle, SQL). Yet again, this is a well-structured book that comprehensively covers the concept behind every vendor’s database layout, and it’s hard to see why one would assume it to be an easy reading. If you like stern, considerate textbook style reading that involves some thought on your part then this book is right for you.

I used this book for my university course, and it broadly covered the material, and did so well, and to a great level of detail. It gives prodigious exposure on the theoretical level and good analysis on the particulars and at practical level. I taught myself the entire course using the textbook mentions to this book (I had an attendance problem), and did great in the course. Just be certain that your anticipations are rational: it gets into ways to access DBs and how to design architectures around data, but this isn’t a book about JSP, or enterprise architecture, so don’t expect that – but if you’re ever writing JSP and need a guidance on getting to your database, this book might be able to assist. This is a book about data and databases, and it explains that material well.
Please note that this is a university textbook. You won’t mug up MS Access programming or Oracle DBA from this book; if this is the reason you bought the book, you will most likely be disappointed. You will, though, learn a lot about DB concepts and internals. There are some minor slips in the book, but that happens everywhere. The examples are very easy to follow, and the sidebars about DB2, Oracle, SQL Server etc. are really great.

This is an excellent book for self-study. I’ve seen plenty of textbooks but I have never seen one that describes the internals of DBMS so well. It also elucidates DBMS’s from the perspective of application developer. The book is light on concept but not patronizing. The most key features of normalization concept are really described superbly. There are also decent survey chapters on several research topics like Three-dimensional Databases and ORDBMS or RDBMS. Most things are spell out fabulously and I found the book fairly comprehensible. This is an outstanding textbook for preliminary and advanced database systems courses. It is inclusive yet detailed in many ways.

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