Deception Point Pdf

Deception Point Pdf

Deception Point Pdf

Deception Point Pdf

About the Book:

Deception Point Book

Author:                        Dan Brown

Publisher:                    Pocket Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:               April 1, 2006

ISBN-10:                      1416524800

ISBN-13:                      9781416524809

Pages:                          752 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Thriller


After reading the incredible ‘Angels & Demons’ I tote up I couldn’t go off beam with ‘Deception Point’ and I was 100 percent right. Dan Brown is becoming one of my matchless beloved authors.
After becoming familiar with Brown’s spiritual page-turners, I was amusingly stunned to find out that ‘Deception Point’ was totally different–but just as much entertaining. If you enjoy stories about conspiracies that are as great as they come, this story is absolutely for you.
Rachel Sexton works for the intelligence community gathering information for the President. The strange twist in this story is that we are coming about on election time and the man self-assured to seize the White House from under the feet of current President Zach Herney is none other than Rachel’s own separated Father, Senator Sedgwick Sexton. It takes some time to discover who are actually the bad guys in this story–and believe me, you will most likely be wrong anyway–but figuring out definitely is a great deal of the fun here. Rachel is contacted by the President and enquired to check for his current staff the presence of an Asteroid found near the Top of the World. Not just any Asteroid, either. At 1st Rachel is shocked that the President would be so frontward and ask this of the daughter of his prime enemy. Senator Sexton has been the lone major barb in the side of NASA because of their long-lasting extravagance and multi-billion dollar failures–screw-up’s that have cost the American taxpayers greatly over the years. President Herney has been one of NASA’s leading supporters, much to his own loss in the polls recently. Rachel actually has been chosen explicitly because of her association to his rival to make this report. President Herney believes that this detection will come with a great deal of cynicism, even from his own staff. So who better to make this statement than the daughter of the man who wants to take the White House from President Herney? Rachel approves under a few conditions and is off to an Ice Shelf at the North Pole. This sets the platform for the mother of all Conspiracies, and when you catch on the source of why it was all plotted, and who is behind it, the disclosure ought to be somewhat immense (at least it was for me).
Is the Meteorite in fact real, and if not, how could NASA have conceivably deceived some of the most exceptional scientific minds of the country? Is the President involved in this possible scandal, or is he a poker chip of someone extremely more devious? And what about Senator Sexton? Is he who he says he is? Are his intentions spotless and clean, or is he just as evil as those attempting to deceit the world? There are some true-to-golly twists and turns you can expect in ‘Deception Point’ and a few real disclosures along the way. Always amusing and actually quite instructive about the workings of NASA and it answers the question of why don’t we see more privately sponsored corporations winning contracts to launch into space? Get to know Dan Brown, do it now! You will not be disappointed. Highly Recommended.

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