Eagle Strike Pdf (Alex Rider Adventure)

Eagle Strike Pdf

Eagle Strike Pdf

Eagle Strike Pdf

About the book:

Eagle Strike book

Author:                        Anthony Horowitz

Publisher:                    Puffin

Publish date:               February 16, 2006

ISBN-10:                      0142407380, 0142406139

ISBN-13:                      9780142406137

Pages:                        352 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Adventure, Spy novel, thriller



I loved this book. I have only read the Alex Rider series up to this book and this was the best out of all I have read. There were hardly any dreary bits and it was difficult to put down. It is very thrilling and it completely sucks you in.
The story begins in the south of France where Alex and his friend Sabina are on day off. While on the beach, Alex notices Yassen Gregorovich on a boat. Yassen, obviously, is the cruel hit man who killed Alex’s uncle, Ian Rider. Although Alex has been looking for vengeance, he decides to ignore him. The consequence was that the house Sabina’s parents had rented was demolished in an explosion and Sabina’s dad had been almost killed. Alex was certain that he was the target, so he moves off to find Yassen.

Alex gets on to the boat after beating up one of Yassen’s man and finds a gun. He comes head-on with Yassen but unable to kill him. Yassen then captures Alex and forces him into a bull fight. Alex succeeds to escape and dials the number that Yassen had call up before Sabina’s house had been destroyed. He is stunned to discover that the person on the receiving end is Damien Cray.
Damien Cray is the world’s most popular celebrity and has done several things to save the environment and other people. Cray hates drugs and tries his best to save the environment. His most recent project is the game slayer, a video game console that is very powerful. So logically, Alex is stunned to find that his number was dialed by an assassin.

Alex goes to MI6 to convince them that Damien Cray is not who he appears to be but they lay off his case. Unwavering, Alex, accompanied by Jack, tries himself to bring Cray to justice. While spying on Cray, Alex finds out a plan of Cray’s called ‘Eagle Strike’ but Alex has no clue what those words mean. He also discovers that he was not the target of the bomb in Sabina’s house.
Thus, begins an adventure comprising high speed pursuits, the global drug trade, air plane hijackings, nuclear weaponries, and Air Force One: the American President’s Airplane. Although the narrative may seem a little mindboggling, it only increases the anticipation. A must read, I completely loved this book. I recommend this book to anyone who loves action-packed stories.
Anthony Horowitz is the author of this fantastic series. I think that he does a brilliant job of presenting adventure, horror, and in a way love. It’s a prodigious book that both gender will like. (Except you have a weak stomach, despise good books and are in no mood for an exciting adventure!)

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