Excel 2010 Advanced Pdf Download

Excel 2010 Advanced Pdf Download

Excel 2010 Advanced Pdf Download

Excel 2010 Advanced Pdf Download

  About the book:

   Excel 2010 Advanced

Author:                                Stephen Moffat

Publisher:                            BookBoon

Publish Date:                      July 21, 2012

ISBN-13:                              9788776817886

ASIN:                                     B008NXV0SM

Language:                             English


MS Excel is probably the most popular spread sheet software in the world and being used in many fields of the work. MS excel also provides versatility that makes it one great software to use. MS Excel is the latest version of the software has many additional features in it as well as MS has made far easier to use and most things you need are one click away.

Many books and tutorials have been published to learn this amazing software but, Excel 2010 Advanced is one of the best that comes into the mind for learning MS excel 2010. This book give us insight on advanced features of MS Excel 2010, and it provides the details of features like, Advanced worksheet functions, views, scenarios, goal seek, solver and many other functions and teaches us how to use these feature with the help of images and examples.

The book is free and could be used as a reference in the training courses to learn MS Excel 2010.

This book covers all the aspects of the MS Excel 2010 and organized in a way to support the students in a way that they can learn Excel on their own as well. As we mentioned how good it is organized the whole book is divided into section and sections have sub sections and a sub sections covers the whole feature and it is very easy for a reader to jump over a specific feature just by searching from table of contents.

The book is complete guide to the MS Excel 2010 and is so useful that no matter how experienced you are with the computer you can learn MS Excel easily by following book.

Download Excel 2010 Advanced Pdf:

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