Fallen Lauren Kate Pdf

Fallen Lauren Kate Pdf

Fallen Lauren Kate Pdf

Fallen Lauren Kate Pdf

About the book:

Fallen Lauren Kate book

Author:                      Lauren Kate

Publisher:                   Delacorte Press

Publish date:               September 28, 2010

ISBN-10:                      0385739133

ISBN-13:                     9780385739139

Pages:                          464 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


“Fallen” was on the list of Best Sellers of Amazon.com for some time, in the category urban fantasy / romance for teens, I started in his reading, and some spend a fun moment.

This is the story of Luce, 17 years. Very young she began to see “shadows”, which concerned his parents. She finally realized it was better than it speaks more rather than risk having to ingest psychotropic drugs. But shortly before her 17th birthday, a major incident will come to question the “normality” that she had forged. His parents, based on the recommendations of the representatives of the state (schools, police, doctors), make the transfer to a specialized boarding school for high school students delicacy with the law. There she will meet several strange individuals who seem to hide her things. And it is especially here that she met Daniel and falls instantly in love.

Start with a book like this; I thought that reading would be breathless. Alas, in fact, I heartily bored half the book. There is no revelation; it only follows Luce in the discovery of the new facility, where it was placed and the discovery of his comrades. It’s long and less well described that the Vampire Academy or the House of Night, for example.

Then, when Luce begins to understand that reality is not what it seems, things are accelerating. Unfortunately, the end of the book ends, leaving questions (for an upcoming book?) And I am disappointed both by the characters (Gabbe is fairly well described and Miss Sophia, but the other characters are very stereotypical, including Daniel) than the plot, which eventually just press the “second” level of reality. I cannot say more to not spoil the reading of the novel.

In short, I have the unpleasant impression of having read a stereotypical novel, a bit like a Harlequin. The author who had good ideas (shadows, the second world …) has not exploited the holding only a very romantic intrigue between adolescents.

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