Halo First Strike Pdf

Halo First Strike Pdf

First Strike Pdf

First Strike Pdf

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Halo First Strike Book

Author:                             Eric Nylund

Publisher:                        Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:                   April 24, 2012

ISBN-10:                         0765367319

ISBN-13:                          9780765367310

Pages:                            448 eBook pages can be different

Language:                      English

Genres:                             Military science fiction


Halo: First Strike by Eric Nylund is truly an engaging read. I borrowed it from a colleague. I read it 5 times before he made me give it back and purchase my own copy (a decision I have not bemoaned yet). I then read it at least a dozen more times. It is the reason I am a Halo aficionado. It was that great.
I was among the 1st to find out about the publication of First Strike, and I was happy to hear that Nylund was writing it. I was also glad to hear that it would not come off as part of the plot of either game, but as its own exclusive story, which is part of what made FoR really gleam. I had high expectations for this book. I was not thwarted.
Halo: First Strike outshines FoR in every possible way. The portrayal is unbelievable, the action is mind-blowing, and the plot twists are superb. It will answer the questions about Halo you have not even thought of. It comes off between Halo and Halo 2, but goes profounder than even I could have imagined. And over it all, there are indirect clues that something bigger is going on. It is the same enigmatic intellect of magnificence that made Halo so fantastic. The atmosphere, the disposition, the sensation of it-this is a book every single Halo fan should read. But First Strike, like FoR, is not just for aficionado boys. It is not just the best of the 3 Halo books, but it is among the finest Sci-Fi I have ever read. And I’ve read a whole freaking lot.
First Strike was satisfying in the same way FoR was: when I turned the last page, the only thing on my mind was “Great.” Directly followed by “I got to read that again.” The only disappointing thing is that like its forerunner, it will be much under-publicized. As a serial paperback, it will get no media attention, no approving remarks by fellow authors printed on the back, no chance of becoming a hardcover. Just the point that it is a novel based on video-game will prevent most people I know from picking it up. But none of that averts First Strike from being one unbelievable piece of work. Even perfect. Nylund has an implausible gift, and I am truly enthused.
After I finish this review, and after finishing my 3rd read, I’m going to shove this book in the faces of everyone I know and shout “READ THIS!!!” Then I’m going to take a pew and finish my own Sci-Fi classic, which I will dedicate to Eric Nylund. And then I’ll read it dozen more times.
It’s just that good.

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