Fundamentals Of Financial Management PDF

Fundamentals Of Financial Management PDF

Fundamentals Of Financial Management PDF

Fundamentals Of Financial Management PDF

About the book:

Fundamentals Of Financial Management book

Author:                        Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston

Publisher:                    Cengage Learning; 13 edition

Publish date:               January 1, 2012

ISBN-10:                      0538482125

ISBN-13:                      9780538482127

Pages:                          816 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Financial Management, Finance, Business



Fundamentals of Financial Management by Brigham and Houston is geared toward courses for individuals either establishing the base for advance study in finance or for courses in finance for non-financial executives. If you are going to be in any type of higher administration, especially a CEO or executive vice chairman, you’ll need to have some roots for how financials work (plus if you are in business for yourself).

An outstanding textbook that covers the basics of financial management. Assigned for a class at Preston University. Mostly descriptions are detailed and I really appreciate the samples of excel complex calculations along with use of financial calculator. Though it is a textbook, on the whole, it’s not that problematic to read.
Business financing. Monetary principles. Basic business legitimate codes. Banking structures, etc. etc. Each have a comprehensible treatment for the amateur reader who is just starting out. In my experience in finance loads of math is not of much use or obsolete. Still useful to know nevertheless. A good contrast is learning simple math shorthand while using calculators after the detail. Or even learning to spell when spell-checkers now can be a handy prevailing tool in approximately every academic context. The rudiments can be no doubt necessary for later understanding.
Even knowing the particular variances between organizations or single proprietorships or partnerships on page one (so to speak) is so simple that entrepreneurs can often miss the forest here by overlooking the basics. Business is a comparatively easy academic subject that fills the levels of corporate middle managers with usual apprentices who make it through seminary with half their brain intact. Going back to this book after a decade away I see now that the problem sets were really a piece of cake. Then not so much, not being able to see what is enduringly pertinent at the time of 1st exposure.
My only criticism is that some of the details of certain concepts get little attention in the chapter, but a comprehensive question is asked in the problems at the completion of the chapter based on that concept. There were sometimes that I had to look to external materials to figure something out from the book. Now, that isn’t certainly strange for doctoral courses but someone working on a BS or MS degree shouldn’t have to do that.

Overall, it’s a great book for the fundamentals of the financial diligence. If I was to teach a preliminary financial course (not gory probably, that’s not my strong suit), I would consider using this book.


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