Gone Girl Pdf

Gone Girl Pdf

Gone Girl Pdf

Gone Girl Pdf

About the Book:

Gone Girl Book

Author:                        Gillian Flynn

Publisher:                    Broadway Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:               April 22, 2014

ISBN-10:                      0307588378

ISBN-13:                      9780307588371

ASIN:                           0385742886

Pages:                          432 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Thriller


By Amna Akram

One of the best books I’ve read! I really enjoyed reading it. It’s the kind of book that keeps you thinking about the story all day! Guessing and predicting. The only disappointing thing was ending .
I was on Amy’s side all along UNTIL she changed her plan and started using Desi to save herself, I understand that she did it all to revenge (and she had the right to), but still, killing an Innocent makes her no better than Nick! And the stuff she did to Hillary and her ex prove that she’s a psycho !
After all she’s put Nick through, I expected him to do something in return (at least leave her or divorce her) to save himself at the point when he had nothing left to lose. But he did nothing. She trapped him for life!

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