Gray Hat Python Pdf

Gray Hat Python Pdf

Gray Hat Python Pdf

Gray Hat Python Pdf

About the Book:

Gray Hat Python Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers

Author:                               Justin Seitz

Publisher:                           No Starch Press; 1 edition

Publish date:                      May 3, 2009

ISBN-10:                              1593271921

ISBN-13:                                9781593271923

Pages:                                    232 eBook pages can be different

Language:                            English

Genres:                                 Computer Science, Programming


I’ve been excitedly anticipating the release of “Grey Hat Python” by Justin Seitz of Immunity. I think Python is a great language and it’s used widely in the security industry so I’ve been pretty curious about the book. Overall, I’m satisfied with it. The book gives understanding of some of the guidelines and actions one of the best exploit development companies uses to quickly catch and exploit bugs. I think most security experts will find the book a valuable addition to their shelves. If the book has an accountability, it’s Justin’s concise focus on using python as a tool to quickly find and exploit bugs. By itself the book is in a niche category. It doesn’t actually live up to the caption “Python Programming for Hackers.” A more precise caption might be “Python programming for accelerated bug finding and exploitation”. The book is very good, but you need to know that it’s not an overall python for hacking book. It is a great source for debugging and automating dynamic analysis of executable.
Now for the really-committed exploit folks out there I would have liked to see more depth. I understand why the book didn’t step in much more detail — the number of concerned parties’ probably decreases exponentially. But I would have liked to see a few things: Some code that Nico uses to control the heap for use in heap runoffs. I do a great deal of trial and error with slight preset analysis. I take on that Immunity does something better and I would like to see it. In equality, they do analyze the hippie function that’s in ID.
Mosdef is one of things that makes canvas distinct. I would have loved to see the book build a simpler win32 Mosdef Shell Server. I’m a die-hard security nerd and there are perhaps only a minority of people that would want to see the 2 items directly above. So I’m not staggered they’re not in the book, and can’t held responsible anyone for that. Overall, I recommend the book. Look at is a 1st iteration. It’s a great book to assist security engineers use python to begin analyzing software weaknesses. Mainly it’s a book about using python to debug and to a minor degree fluff. It’s a good understanding of how Immunity does things and will help you delve into canvas code a little easier. For that alone it’s definitely worth reading.

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