Halo Primordium PDF

Halo Primordium PDF

Halo Primordium PDF

Halo Primordium PDF

Primordium book:


Author:                        Greg Bear

Publisher:                    Tor

Publish date:               January 3, 2012

ISBN-10:                      0765333074

ISBN-13:                      9780765323972, 9780765333070

Pages:                          384 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Military science fiction



Having met, in the 1st book of this series called “Cryptum”, the Didact: who is a Forerunner fighter frozen in the Cryptum, Bornstelllar: the intrusive young Forerunner who releases him, and Chakas and Riser: 2 human disparities on the planet Erde-Tyrene this book continues with the unearthing of a Self-directed automated intelligence device by a science group.
The monitor holds Chakas’ reminiscences and continues to describe Chakas reminiscences of his life and what happened to him after the battle at the end of book 1. Along the way the device voices a narrative that occasionally the science team finds difficult to believe except that some important pieces of info match that from other sources.
Chakas story begins with his recuperating consciousness on a planet. He was banished from the Forerunner vessel and landed in a protective pod. What he assumed was a planet turns out to be a Halo over thirty-thousand miles in diameter. The people are hardly alive on the Halo and there are tests being done on them in an abode called the Palace of Pain. Chakas encounters Vinnevra and her grandfather called Gamelpar. They had freed him from his life pod. They are shortly traveling around the Halo as it not safe where they are and Chakas wants to find Riser. Vinnevra inner clairvoyance give her direction where to go, and their journey begins.

It also becomes apparent that a planet is going straightforward for the Halo which begins to affect the Halo and makes the journey commenced by Chakras even more shaky. Greg Bear weaves an interesting story as Chakras tells his story of traveling around the Halo and of actually meeting a Forerunner. The story starts to spell out the Forerunner clash and the Floods linking to it all. Key players in the clash are exposed and the story of the Antecedents, the Precursors and Humankind starts to gel. Who will achieve the Responsibility, the next level in all living things? Will the Halo be demolished by a collision with a planet? Will the device holding Chakras reminiscences disclose long held mysteries that will help ONI?

This book can stand on its own as an excellent science fiction tale as the author gives us plenty of contextual info, though I also highly recommend the 1st book in the series.
Upon finishing this book, I found myself repeating the new disclosures, creating plot theories, and mostly brain-dumping material immersed in the Halo mythologies to anyone who would heed. This story breathed new life into reputable characters, spheres, peoples, and notions with such potency that I might not have believed it possible had I not experienced this part in Halo myself.

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