Halo The Thursday War PDF

The Thursday War PDF

Halo The Thursday War PDF

Halo The Thursday War PDF

About the book:

The Thursday War book

Author:                        Karen Traviss

Publisher:                    Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:               August 27, 2013

ISBN-10:                      0765333635, 0765370395

ISBN-13:                      9780765323941, 9780765370396

Pages:                          432 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Military science fiction



Karen Travis has written a great book where it looks to match up with the writing styles of most of the other books from different writers in the Series. This book continues the story from its preceding book Glasslands with diverse viewpoints from many diverse characters. Although the book may seem “nerdy” in a nous to some people, but the plot can narrate to other books that aren’t related to the Halo series, these books can also make the narrative better and fill in any of the loops that might make people muddled.
A covenant warrior called the Arbiter wants to make a peace treaty with the humans, but after being at war with the humankind for generations, even after the fighting has stopped, a shipmaster called Telcam sturdily disagrees with the idea. The Arbiter feels very strong about an alliance with the humans, especially after fighting with the notorious Master Chief, who is currently classified as MIA, and is eager to fight a civil war to show it. Although both sides are doing a weapons deal with a human vessel that is covertly labeling the Covenant weaponries and vending them to the Arbiter and Telcam, though they don’t know that they are dealing with a double agent. While on the human vessel, which is named Port Stanley, a Spartan, a group of ODST’s called Kilo-Five and an overactive brainy AI unit, who is cleverer than Cortana, and goes by the name of Black Box. The main stream of the book goes on to a impasse where a associate, Evan Phillips, who speaks the alien language, Sangheili, smoothly is sent down to the planet, Shenglios, with a piece of Black Box to escort him, and is lost in a Forerunner edifice, where the passageways change behind him, getting him lost and inept to get picked up by Port Stanley. As the war between the Arbiter’s and Telcam’s forces starts, a hulk metal beast kilometers long, is being put into command and goes by the name of UNSC Infinity. Infinity is a hulk that not only is equipped by the most technologically advanced slip space drives, which can jump to points with exact precision, but it also holds a much greater weapon, Huragok. These are creatures that will transform the surge of technology. They are essentially a Forerunner faithful creature that can destroy anything and rebuild it by just using their tentacles. They are humanity’s utmost leap forward in technology.
I enjoyed this book very much. It was very expressive in all facets of describing things, whether it was developing characters, wonderful settings, or fantastic combats. The plot was constantly moving, never stopping or getting gloomy. The characters were very well considered and developed without any being too plane or boring. It was pretty much bottom line just a good book.

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