HIVE Dreadnought Pdf

HIVE Dreadnought Pdf

HIVE Dreadnought Pdf

HIVE Dreadnought Pdf

About the book:

Dreadnought Pdf book

Author:                        Mark Walden

Publisher:                    Bloomsbury Childrens

Publish date:               1 Aug 2011

ISBN-10:                      1408815931

ISBN-13:                      9781408815939

Pages:                          304 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Young Adult




In the 4th full sized book of the series. Otto and his friends at HIVE once again get caught up in menace as one of G.L.O.V.E’s older member and a chief person in the technology corporate Jason Drake leaves and attempts to destroy the people he once worked for.
He was sad with happenings which become apparent to leave Number 1 (aka Overlord) passed on and diablos Darkdoom in command of G.L.O.V.E (the global league of villainous enterprises). He believed the Overlord story was fabricated by Dr. Nero and Darkdoom to cover a takeover they did to seize control.
This by itself wouldn’t be a problem but Drake has access to top military gear and assets and has created a plot to bring GLOVE down.

And it seem like this isn’t the end of his plot. Not in the least. He’s plotting to destroy the poise of power and turn America into the site of the world’s prevalent natural disaster. To do this he abducts the president, access the most classified missile program in the world, a series of missiles in course capable of triggering an explosion at Yellowstone’s super volcano.
Otto is the only one who can stop the missiles dismissal using his strange knack to call off the launch. As his friends attack the dreadnought and escape he is left to stop the missiles. He needs to find the device to stop the missiles.

This is a really good book in a really good series. It’s thrilling and keeps you engrossed the whole way through. Although this series is certainly intended for younger people and I really enjoy it. One reason you should read this book is because it surprises you till the end. I think people who like a blend of realistic fiction and a tad of science fiction will love this book. The reason you ought to read this book is because it displays how a group of teens can go to incredible heights to reach their goals.
I recommend this book to people who like suspense, mystery, thrill, and humor. I loved this book because of the plot and the adorable characters which keeps you engrossed in reading the series. I hope you read this book, and all the other books in the H.I.V.E series by Mark Walden. Check out this series for a good read.


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