Just Listen pdf

Just Listen pdf

Just Listen pdf

Just Listen pdf

About the book:

Just Listen book

Author:                        Sarah Dessen

Publisher:                    peak; Reprint edition

Publish date:               February 28, 2008

ISBN-10:                      0142410977

ISBN-13:                      9780142410974

Pages:                          400 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Friendship, Social



Up until now, The Truth About Forever has always been my favorite Sarah Dessen book. Now that I’ve read Just Listen, however, I think there’s a tie! The characters of this hottest release are so honestly tangible, their discourse perfectly placed, that you can’t help but be pulled into the life and times of Annabel Greene.

Obviously everyone thinks that Annabel has the perfect life. She’s a model who has been in TV advertisements, in print ads, and in fashion shows at the local mall. She’s popular at school, even if it is mostly because she’s best friends with Sophie, the high school girl who demands consideration. Her father is an architect who designed their house of glass; her mother breathes for Annabel’s modeling; she has 2 older sisters, Kirsten and Whitney, who are both ex- models themselves.

Beneath all of that perfection, of course, lies the real Annabel. The one who agonized from something so terrible at the end of the last school year that she’s lost not only her best friend, but her self-esteem. Her family is so consumed with Whitney’s eating syndrome, with Kirsten’s college life far away in New York, with keeping everything in hand that Annabel doesn’t tell them what happened–the things that are still happening every day she goes to school just dreading the day. She doesn’t want to add more complications to the fusion; in fact, she lies by omission, simply avoiding the truth rather than crushing her family’s illusions.

But then Annabel meets Owen Armstrong, a guy she once watched punch out another student, then quietly walk away. Owen clings to himself, never seems to be without his iPod, and doesn’t look as if he need any friends. But after he reaches out a hand to her, factually, after she’s sick outside of school one day, a promising relationship of friendship begins to build between the guy who never lies, no matter what–and the girl who lies to care for other’s feelings, namely her own.

I really loved this book. Owen is a character that will instantly grab your attention, especially with lines like “…for me, not saying how I feel when I feel it is a bad move. So I don’t do it. Look at it this way: I might be saying you’re tubby, but at least I’m not punching you in the face.” As for Annabel, the things she’s hiding are ripping her apart, and, eventually, it’s the strength of her sisters that gets her to ask for help. The characters of Kirsten and Whitney are complex and intricate, and I have to own up that there’s a part near the end of the book in which the sisters come together that had me crying like a baby. Overall, An awesome read.

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