Kashmir Pdf Book

Kashmir Pdf Book

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Kashmir Pdf Book

Author:                        Francis Younghusband

Publisher:                    Biblio Bazar

Publish date:               1911

ISBN-13:                      9781177664790

ISBN-10:                      1177664798

Pages:                          596

Language:                   English

genre:                    History



Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (31 May 1863 – 31 July 1942) was a British Army officer, voyager, and mystic. He is recalled mostly for his goes in the Far East and Central Asia and his works on the subject.

Sir Francis Younghusband (situated, focus) wears a thick hide cover against the cool winds of the Tibetan level at Phari Dzong, Tibet, January 1904. His mission to Lhasa, a major military campaign throughout which numerous Tibetans were murdered, prompted the marking of the Treaty of Lhasa with His Holiness the thirteenth Dalai Lama.

Extraordinary extend of cold mountains which bound Kashmir on the north, with the Haramokh crest, 16,900 feet high, standing strikingly out 35 miles inaccessible quickly in front; and from just past Baramula even Nanga Parbat itself, 26,600 feet, and 70 miles removed, towering respectably over the easier goes, the singular illustrative of the numerous mountain monsters which lay behind.

At that point as we developed beyond any confining influence valley the snow vanished and the first weak indications of spring were obvious. All the trees were undoubtedly still exposed. None, of these on the monstrous chenar nor on the long lines of poplars which flanked the way constantly from Baramula to Srinagar was there a vestige of a leaf; and all the grass was totally tan. Anyhow in the willows there was simply the suspicion of yellow-green. The leaf-buds were simply planning to blast. On the ground were successive masses of yellow crocuses and natural bluebells. All over there were clusters of violets. Infrequently a tortoise-shell or cabbage-white butterfly would flute.

A great read joining together components of Raj Era from a British officer’s point of view (who went on assuming a greater part later on in Tibet which is an alternate story inside and out), the wonderful vale of Kashmir, energy about natural life( (however there are stories about chasing journeys); social intricacies of the district and so forth.

“Kashmir” is a finish up the topography and individuals of the Indian subcontinent. Francis Younghusband was conceived in 1863 at Munree, British India, the child of Major-General John W. Younghusband and Clara Jane Shaw. Younghusband went to Clifton College, Bristol, before entering the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1881. After his opportunity at the Academy he was charged as a Subaltern in the first King’s Dragoon Guards where he started his military profession. He climbed through the ranks and in 1902, because of feelings of trepidation of Russian extension, the now Major Younghusband, was elevated to the position of British Commissioner to Tibet, a post he held until 1904. Younghusband wedded Helen Augusta Magniac, with whom he had two youngsters, a child who passed on in early stages and a girl, Eileen Younghusband. Their little girl went ahead to turn into a noticeable social specialist.

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