Love Letters to the Dead Pdf

Love Letters to the Dead Pdf

Love Letters to the Dead Pdf

Love Letters to the Dead Pdf

About the Book:

Love Letters to the Dead Book

Author:                                Ava Dellaira

Publish Date:                     April 1, 2014

Publisher:                            Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN-10:                               0374346674

ISBN-13:                               9780374346676

Language:                           English

Book Pages:                       336 (eBook pages can be different)

Genre:                                 Contemporary Fiction


Laurel is a young girl who is in many ways trying to hide herself from who she is. She lost her sister and now just wants to take off. She goes to a new school and start making new friends. She doesn’t share anything from her past with them. With her new friends, she begins to do several things from drinking for the first time, to sharing their secrets and to fall in love with a guy. She gets her first assignment in English lecture to write a letter to someone who has passed away. She writes to Kurt Cobain because he died early like her sister May did. Though she doesn’t turn it in that assignment, started her writing to all kinds of deceased persons about what is happening in her life. All the time she is writing letters to dead people in her journal talking about her life. She gradually begins to talk about what happened to her and her sister in the letters. She doesn’t want anyone to read them. Her sister’s death has torn her family apart and Laurel has to learn to talk to them as well. The letters help her do so. They become a way out for her from what she has been hiding from. I enjoyed this book as it is very crafty in how it is written. You do get to see Laurel in her daily life but the journal entries are a decent touch as you see why she has chosen each person and why they are so special to her. Kurt Cobain is just the beginning of some wonderful people she writes to. I felt sorry for her in many ways as most of the time she seemed to be trying to adjust herself with the others and hiding from what is actually bothering her. I didn’t expect what had happened to her and it was a twist that really stunned me.

I’m not a young person, so possibly that had something to do with it, but I can’t be sure that I would have connected with the book even if I were a teen. I’m marking this one up to personal taste, because it truly is a beautifully written book. Music and poetry lovers will surely love this novel. Numerous Laurel’s letters are spoken to dead poets and musicians, most of whom I think readers will be conversant with, but, even if they aren’t, it’s expected that they will be motivated to go learn more about these personalities Laurel entrusts her story to. This is a wonderful book I would recommend to many. A great, stirring read. Keep the tissues ready.

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