Low Tech Hacking Pdf Street Smarts for Security Professionals

Low Tech Hacking Pdf

Low Tech Hacking Pdf

Low Tech Hacking Pdf

About the book:

Low Tech Hacking book

Author:                      Jack Wiles,Terry Gudaitis,Jennifer Jabbusch,Russ Rogers & Sean Lowther

Publisher:                    Syngress; 1 edition

Publish date:               January 2, 2012

ISBN-10:                      1597496650

ISBN-13:                      9781597496650

Pages:                          264 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Hacking and Security



Security guru Bruce Schneier has perceived that for those administrations that have wrongly set up cryptography, it is similar to putting a big flagpole in front of your facility and expecting that it will stop any assailants from breaking in. Obviously, assailants will simply go around the flagpole instead of running into it.

In Low Tech Hacking: Street Smarts for Security Professionals, the writers, all info security experts bring their mutual experience to the printed word and show how low-tech hacks can be just as offensive as a large-scale directed attack. The authors show how these ordinary attacks can be avoided by simple technical solutions, and provide many instances. One of the instances the book uses is around lock picking. The author notes that 1 thing about locks is that in any case is said and done, locks don’t change that much. So as well the information security. Albeit there is substantial amounts of new expertise thrive to hook new cultured attacks. The old school attack are trajectories of social engineering, poor password practices and more, are frequently the way in which attacks breach networks. The book offers many guidelines which the reader can use to guard themselves against many of the most terribly simple attacks. For instance, in chapter two on physical security, the book specifics a small physical security risk valuation you can do. By concentrating on the low-hanging berry, lots of simple steps the authors put forward can delay the attackers long enough that they choose to try another target. The book also offers sufficient amount of guidance to security workers that they can use to secure their network. Much of chapter four is around low-tech wireless hacking. Numerous networks add wireless access for user-friendliness. But that accessibility also makes it simple for the attackers to connect to the network and lift off their attack.

Overall, Low Tech Hacking: Street Smarts for Security Professional is a worthy mention for security professionals to use to make sure they are securing their networks effectively, to ward off the ordinary attacker. The authors have written a book that is light on theory, but hefty on actionable things the reader can swiftly do to secure their network. And that is a nice thing. One thing the book doesn’t make mention of is that keeping a stable heartbeat or pulsation and keeping the sweat down can entail hard training for some people! They do make it sound almost too easy!

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