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Maktub Pdf

Maktub Pdf

Maktub Pdf

About the book:

About the book

Author:                        Paulo Coelho

Publisher:                    BOOKET

Publish date:               2008

ISBN-10:                      9504919499, 8408070665

ISBN-13:                      9782290035733, 978-8408070665, 978-9504919490

Pages:                          192 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction


MAKTUB means ’it is written…”I think it’s a brilliant title for short events described in this book, all of them convey profound lessons about life. Some events are small, very small stories are witty, but when you stop smiling, they transmit deeper significances about life, what a wonderful way to write about life when reader beams sometimes and then a message about life goes deeper in his or her soul, I am not certain who is Paulo Coelho, an author or a saint, I have no clue from where he collected numerous small stories written in this book, It seems like it’s a life time treasure. He never fails to inspire and amaze me with his words and sights.

The book is a collection of thoughts; some of them are Coelho’s own creation, while most of them are collected from the stories and folklores from just about every corner of the world. No thought or fable, which ever name is appropriate, is more than 1 page long and none of them are related to each other in any way. Every parable has a message or lesson to teach. Some may amaze you with their pure simplicity but phenomenal worth associated, some make you solicitous and gloomy, some may even make it to bring a beam on your face while some may even make you laugh, at yourself and your approach. But every fable has holiness as theme at its staple. This book has influence to make you question yourself with life’s great questions like; which way my life is going? What really is that I need? Why I am doing this? What truly makes me happy? And so on.

There are some fables which give you a feeling of depth, and if you are Coelho’s reader, you certainly going to have it. The reason is, the content of this book is spread very gorgeously among other books of Paulo Coelho. He has knitted these thoughts with the tale of those books so well that they don’t give the impression to be picked from other source. But the fact is, this book has all those words which you point out and quote in Paulo Coelho’s other books, in a one suite.

That’s why I said each fable in this book should not only be read but it should also be mulled over with proper scrutiny. Who knows, 1 of them may have the influence to change your life.

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