Network Security Bible Pdf

Network Security Bible Pdf

Network Security Bible Pdf

Network Security Bible Pdf

About the book:

Network Security Bible book

Author:                        Eric Cole

Publisher:                    Wiley; 2 edition

Publish date:               September 8, 2009

ISBN-10:                      0470502495, 0764573977

ISBN-13:                      9780470502495

Pages:                        936 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Hacking and Security



This was a good book on security. I actually read this book to get supplementary material for the Security plus (which was very easy by the way) and to get something to assist me in self-study for GSEC in the upcoming months. I found this book very beneficial for both cert and non cert study. It can be a slight desiccated sometimes but that is to be expected.
This is one of the best network security books I have read. It covers a wide range, and the writers have done their exploration well. Even subjects like steganography, which many books fail to discourse, are covered. Its modern intimidation examples are very helpful.

The book is structured into 7 sections covering all of the latest security issues and advances in technology. Important to the reader are the progressive issues of Integrated Cyber security and the Security Landscape sections with interesting chapters on Validating Your Security, Data Protection, Forensics and Attacks and Threats.

Technology is continuously varying and network security is no exception. Over the last several years there has been a changed emphasis in cyber security across both corporations and administrations. This has created new practices, technology and means for potential security. Furthermore, there are new drifts and best practices that organizations are using to safe their initiatives. As a result almost every chapter of the original version needs fill in to cover this new material. Network Security Bible also holds a complete section on network security, comprising chapters on both network architecture and wireless security. The authors bundle up with thorough exposure of evaluating both the intimidations you face and the countermeasures you’ve implemented.

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