New Moon Pdf The Twilight Saga

New Moon Pdf The Twilight Saga

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New Moon Book

New Moon Pdf The Twilight Saga

New Moon Pdf The Twilight Saga

Author:                        Stephenie Meyer

Series:                          The Twilight Saga, Book 4

Publisher:                    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; MTI edition

Publish date:              September 15, 2009

ISBN-10:                      0316075633

ISBN-13:                      9780316075633

Pages:                          576 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult, fantasy, romance, Vampire


The story gets away to a rather explosive start, but quickly turns to heavy sorrow when Edward makes a fateful decision concerning Bella’s safety.Sticking with his decision, Edward is off the canvas for nearly the next two-thirds of the book, as is the entire Cullen family.During this time, the chronicle is very reminiscent of Twilight in that it proceeds at a languid but steady pace while extensive character and relationship development occurs.The fall-out to Bella’s psyche from Edward’s choice is heart-wrenching to learn. Stephenie Meyer is so adept at writing Bella’s agony, that I felt like my own marrow had been ripped to rags.Then a new found depth in her friendship with Jacob Black, seems to be Bella’s saving grace, bringing some sense of repose to her otherwise chaotic life.However, danger lies in wait everywhere, bringing a certain layer of suspense to the narrative, which then intensifies into a taut thriller when an unfortunate misunderstanding places Alice and Bella in a race against time to save Edward from certain destruction.With so much going on, New Moon has been yet another installed in the Twilight series that was extremely hard to lay down.I can’t help but carry on to love the graphic symbols in this series.I still like Bella very much, but I found myself wishing that she would hold a little more confidence in Edward’s love for her.Later on the peach of their romance in Twilight, it was difficult for me to read how she couldn’t, but at long last, it seemed that her feelings of insufficiency, of not measuring up to a spectacular creature like Edward simply got the best of her. One of my favorite things about Edward is his wry, teasing sense of humor, but the tone of New Moon is so serious, it didn’t allow for many of these moments to shine through. In Edward’s absence, Bella gets a rich friendship with Jacob Black, who ends up being a great deal more than she at first thought he was. Jacob also essentially becomes a second hero and the third point in a love triangle. While Bella never really feels more to Jacob than friendship or brotherly love, Jacob does fall for Bella. I don’t think that his happily-ever-after does or should lie with Bella, I do hope he gets one eventually. These three characters completely engrossed my attention, and I can’t wait to watch what develops next for them.As with Twilight, New Moon did not contain any explicit elements no sex, only a dozen or so mild profanities, and minimal violence. Thither is a scene, though, in which a group of humans becomes unwitting prey for a group of bloodthirsty vampires. I still think that most mature teens should be able to handle all the complex subject matter, but all these elements would make great points of discussion for parents and educators. Thank you, Stephanie, for always bringing me a New Moon!

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