Northern Lights Pdf by Philip Pullman

Northern Lights Pdf by Philip Pullman

Northern Lights Pdf by Philip Pullman

Northern Lights Pdf by Philip Pullman

About the Book:

Northern Lights Book by Philip Pullman

Author:                        Philip Pullman

Adaptation:                The Golden Compass

Publisher:                    Scholastic; 1 edition

Series:                           His Dark Materials 1

Publish date:               3 Mar 2011

ISBN-10:                      1407130226

ISBN-13:                      9781407130224

Pages:                          448 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk, Children’s literature, Speculative fiction


This book offers drama, action, love, hatred and a fascinating plot line. Within the first five pages its adventurous plot captured me completely. This book combines elements of fantasy, thriller and an adventure tale into a novel that can be enjoyed on many floors.
The script is all about Lyra, a 12-year-old young woman who travels on an amazing adventure up in the north to rescue her friend Rodger and her uncle Lord Asriel.I believe this script holds a superb storyline, because as the book runs on new adventures unfold for Lyra that keeps any reader with an imagination involved in this delightful fantasy book.
Throughout the book you join Lyra through her adventures to keep the world from original sin.I remembered that the clever turn of events in the script actually makes it interesting and an enjoyable race against time to find out whether the universe shall be destroyed or saved.
This volume is typeset in a parallel world where the idea of human is to accept a “daemon”.Daemons take the shape of animals, they and their human are intimate, including telepathically, linked.Human and daemon can never be more than a few feet apart, but can both believe and play independently.The daemons of children can switch themselves to and from any animal whilst those of adults are fixed at puberty into a lasting phase.
Northern Lights takes the classic pattern of a quest where our heroine, 12 year old Lyra, as always played along by her daemon Pantalaimon, must battle overwhelming odds to bring through her creation.
Lyra is a fantastic, spunky girl who shoots through this book on a reckless mission to rescue her friend Roger, the kitchen boy.She delights in mischief and lies like a genius. Lyra is helped on her mission by many different characters. Amongst these characters is the Master of Jordan- torn between his true love for Lyra and his priority of keeping the college against a ground of serious political and religious intrigue.Some other major portion of the plot is Lord Asriel a proud, arrogant man set on achieving nothing but his own goals which will change Lyra’s world irrevocably.Lyra’s chief supporters are Lord John FAA, the queen of the Gypsies, a citizenry who were once her enemies, and a solid good man.
Going from an alternative Oxford College, the fictional Jordan College, the plot moves us through London to the frozen wastelands of the Arctic.
This book grips you from beginning to end and leaves you desperate for the next volume in the serial publication.Although it is put in a parallel world unlike our own, it is amazingly convincing and strangely affecting. Reading this book leaves readers, of all ages, eagerly awaiting book two.

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