Passion Fallen Pdf

Passion Fallen Pdf

Passion Fallen Pdf

Passion Fallen Pdf

About the book:

Passion Fallen book

Author:                       Lauren Kate

Publisher:                   Delacorte Press; Reprint edition

Publish date:               May 8, 2012

ISBN-10:                      9780385739177

ISBN-13:                     9780385739177

Pages:                          464 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


Oh God … Passion is a huge favorite! It’s rare that I fall in love with a novel in the middle of a series, but there I was forced to succumb. I was already a big fan of the saga, I literally got hooked to it. This volume is even better than Torment … And I already found excellent, it is to tell you!
In fact, writing this opinion turns out to be a very complicated thing … I can not put words in my emotions … This novel is a concentrate of ecstasy, escape, fun and darkness . If you read Volume 2, you know Luce escapes in Harbinger, but we do not know at all where this choice will lead it … Well actually (do not read on if you do want to know the answer, but hey, the summary says so), Luce will travel in his former lives.
Just with that, I was spellbound! Here, we do not share in simple reincarnations, it transcends time and eras Luce sides to living each experience! Lauren Kate’s gift is there: she writes so well that really gets into the story. Every word is savored, every sentence is a delight, each page is pure fascination.
But it’s not just his writing is captivating, they are also the places where it takes us that take us to the guts. I think this novel is essentially a favorite for it. You want me to do you dream? With Passion, we are immersed in a real machine to go back in time. We cross the history with a capital “H”. Italy in 1918 during the war in Jerusalem 2760 years before our era, we take full eyes. Descriptions of each location are wonderful.
But you know what else the author has planned destinations we? Hold on. We go from England to Moscow via China fabulous paths. We stop in France, Prussia and … Tahiti. This destination is the best book to me. I felt almost sea and sand … It was … wow.
Of course, the scene changes, and the dates too. 2009, we find ourselves in the middle of World War II. But no time to breathe, is immersed in 1100 or at the Mayan times, all to happen 4000 years in the past, around the year 2000 BC Loved … No, no, I completely hooked to the idea. Passion is a beautiful and captivating journey into the past of our world.
But what would it be without a single goal? Luce is not amused to rise eternity for nothing. She wants to understand and destroy the curse, one that prevents him from living over 17 years with Daniel. In fact, all the things she will face during his gorgeous – but very dangerous – travel, it makes them love. Ha, it’s beautiful, right? With this book, romance is ever present. Indeed, when Lucinda returns to her past, she sees her reincarnations … and discovers how she falls in love with Daniel, every time. We follow dozens of romances are alike, but which are very different. By cons, one thing does not change when one reads: we gasped. Love and passion of Luce and Daniel are both so beautiful things, so stakeholders, which can only be bewitched by this book.
In addition, a new character will make its appearance: Bill. This is a gargoyle that will guide Luce in his journey. The new protagonist is full of surprises and will learn to Lucinda to perfectly master the Proclaimers and even to use 3D. What is it? In fact, (without spoiler, this practice comes quickly in the novel) Luce will be able to slip into the skin of her past lives and be re Lu Xin, Lucia, Luschka, Ix CuAt, Layla, or other ” her “past. This new option offers even more fun to read the novel.
But the wily Bill is not the only person we meet. Indeed, Luce, back in time, will meet the great kings, writers and even … William Shakespeare! If so, I assure you! I was completely enthralled by this aspect of the novel! And besides, just thinking when met William Luce and then she has to go on stage to interpret its role, I have chills … In this scene, she meets Daniel, and immediately fall in love … There they will embrace, something that was not planned before Luce dies in front of everyone, and make up in smoke the Globe Theatre. It was just … Majestic reading!
But of course, the novel does not only focus on these reincarnations and those love stories that end badly. Something terrible will happen. It is learned towards the end, and it’s killing us. A war will break out, something huge is coming. The last pages are explosive and sensational. Like the novel, too. Everything is intense, exciting, vibrant. It is absorbed by history.
Passion is a huge favorite. Luce and Daniel become emotional as virtually no hero never did. They love each other, it shows, and want to do everything so that this love endures forever. This book is a battle for love, for hope and for the future. Of course, the secondary characters as Arianne, Cam and Miles are not forgotten, but they are less present. But it is not very serious. The end makes us understand that they will be there in Volume 4.
It is with great frustration and some regret I finished this album. 2012 will not happen fast enough for me to read the rest of the story. The Fallen saga is definitely part of my favorite series. Luce and Daniel are two lovable characters, their romance is one of the finest I’ve had the chance to discover and fight against their curse is really fascinating. A book that I recommend to all, both for the History of worshipers for fans of angels and love stories that upset us.

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