Professional WordPress Plugin Development PDF

Professional WordPress Plugin Development PDF

Professional WordPress Plugin Development PDF

Professional WordPress Plugin Development PDF

About the book:

Professional WordPress Plugin Development book

Author:                        Brad Williams, Ozh Richard, Justin Tadlock

Publisher:                    Wrox

Publish date:               March 15, 2011

ISBN-10:                      0470916222

ISBN-13:                      9780470916223

Pages:                          552 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       Web Programming, Computer Science



The 1st time I went to a Word Camp presentation, the orator said off-hand, “before I do anything, I check Justin Tad lock’s site to see if he’s written a tutorial.” Afore that day, I had never depended on anything but the Manuscript for support when I wrote plug-ins and you could tell by looking at my code.

Since then, I’ve become a regular reader of Justin’s blog, I’ve subscribed to numerous mailing lists for code, and I’ve started following class developers – specifically the authors of this book – on Twitter. It’s been a gentle start, but it’s changed the way I look at open source and development on the whole.

And now comes a book written by 3 of the most appreciated developers in the Word Press community. It’s well written, authentic, and comes from a communal background of teamwork and been-there-done-that experience. I’ve been working with Word Press for more than four years now, and this is definitely the best reference I’ve seen so far. Both for developers just starting with the project and for experienced pros who build their business on Word Press.

I’ve seen code written by all 3 of these developers, built my own systems on the bears of their exceptional work, and watched numerous others grow as developers following after their example. I can’t reflect of any team more competent to write about Word Press plug-in development, and I can’t reflect of anyone else who would do a better job. There aren’t many great Word Press books in the market and the topics covered here are not explicated in any inclusive way in the present online resources. The writers have coped to refine everything you could possibly need to know about plugin development into an efficient, well-written reference book that I’ve been calling on many times a week.

Apart from the essentials of plug-in development – which it describes very effectively – there are many advanced topics that any plug-in developer needs to know. It probes into Word Press actions and pegs, security, best practices, Ajax, the HTTP API, regionalization and how to check for performance.

The book doesn’t sham to teach you PHP and Word Press – you need to be well competent in both to get the most from the material. But if you want to develop plug-ins for both the community and commercial audience, everything you need to know is in here. As an apart, the authors are very well respected Word Press coders so you really couldn’t expect to learn from better teachers.

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