Pyramids Pdf

Pyramids Pdf

Pyramids Pdf

Pyramids Pdf

About the book:

Pyramids book

Author:                        Terry Pratchett

Publisher:                    Corgi

Publish date:               11 Oct. 2012

ISBN-10:                      0552166650

ISBN-13:                      9780552166652

Pages:                          384 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction and Fantasy


For those who like fantasy AND the second degree (see the third, fourth degree) the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett is for you. I read it in English, but I was told that the translation of Patrick Coulon was excellent workmanship.

Of all the books in the series (I am on the 10th, Moving Pictures) Pyramids was I find most successful (a great story from A to Z, with an anti-hero hero [he began League assassins] a pain in the ass heroine, family stories against the backdrop of Egyptology and quite supernatural).

The books “Discworld” can be read in the direction we want, there is no continuity between them, otherwise some recurring hero: Mort, who is male, is particularly tasty, and the witches, whose ‘hilarious Mami Wax-Du-time (the French name, I think).

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