Russian Roulette Pdf (Alex Rider Adventure)

Russian Roulette Pdf

Russian Roulette Pdf Alex Rider

Russian Roulette Pdf Alex Rider

About the Book:

Russian Roulette Book

Author:                        Anthony Horowitz

Series:                           Alex Rider

Publisher:                    Philomel

Publish date:               October 1, 2013

ISBN-10:                      0399254412

ISBN-13:                      9780399254413

Pages:                          384 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Adventure, Spy novel, thriller novel

The Alex Rider series has been out for a while and is pretty popular. The thought of a young man being take on to play spy is captivating and while Alex has plenty of expertise, his life is perilous enough to keep you on the verge of your seat while reading the books. When I found out this book was available, it was too enticing not to read. This is the story of the hit man on the other side: Yassen Gregorovich. He’s Alex’s deadly nemesis but the same teacher worked with them both.

Mr. Horowitz writes inspiring stories with lots of politics, black market businesses, assigned assassinations, and heart pounding action. This is a great series for young boys who find the mundane stories unexciting. These are not bland!
It was intriguing to find out the secret life of Alex Rider’s biggest nemesis, the Scorpia hit man Yassen Gregorovich. Very ingenious notion and brilliantly executed. I had actually doubted while reading the Alex Rider series what the story behind that man was and whether there was a link between him and the Rider family – think of the part at the very end of Storm breaker, when Yassen does not kill Alex, didn’t you wonder why. Russian Roulette says it all.
The story of Yassen’s youth and the anguishes he was put through after the demise of his parents is a horrible tale, but life is no picnic. The man who takes control of him 1st makes him play a game of Russian roulette. He endures that but realizes that now his life belongs to the man in front of him. When he finally escapes him, the life he goes into is no better. What’s even more satirical is that the man training him will be Alex Rider’s father in the future.

The best part of this story is when Yassen gets even with those who treated him badly in the past. It’s not very good, but they earned it. His last mission is to kill Alex Rider. There’s a great disclosure conclusion that tells you the series is not completed yet.
A very special little side-treat for me was the portrayal of Yassen’s time in some of my beloved cities, like Venice and Paris. The whole book has certainly woken my craving for reading more – I hope Anthony Horowitz will come up with another crafty notion sooner or later to keep the series alive.
This series is an outstanding action-packed thriller story expanding over several books. This book can be read as an individual easily enough. I’d like to see more of Yassen’s story but who knows where the author will go next. Highly Recommended.

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