Skeleton Crew pdf

Skeleton Crew pdf

Skeleton Crew pdf

Skeleton Crew pdf

About the book:

Skeleton Crew book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Putnam

Publish date:               June 21, 1985

ISBN-10:                      0451168615

ISBN-13:                      9780399130397, 9780451168610

Pages:                          576 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Horror, Fiction



Before I shifted in mythical tastes from mostly science fiction and fantasy to Tom Clancy-style military thrillers, I was a consistent reader of Stephen King’s ghoulish masterpieces. I have about two-thirds of his fictional output, and if books were not as expensive now I’d still be a consistent reader of King’s works.
One of my favorite books by Steve-o is Skeleton Crew, his 2nd collection of short tales, including the tale “The Mist.” And as in any collection of short fiction, some of the 22 stories stand head and shoulders above the rest.
The scariest, by far, is “The Mist,” which begins with, as in all good King works, with an apparently normal event (a storm) and a mundane occurrence (a trip to the super store) and gradually but surely transforms into a situation which becomes scarier as the story progresses. While not wanting to give anything away, I can tell you this much — I’ll never go to the Cash n’ Carry and look at it quite the same way again, particularly in the spaghetti sauce section.
“Survivor Type” is King’s take on Robinson Crusoe. Its hero is Richard Pine, a surgeon who, unluckily, has also been involved in the narcotics “business.” Now, after he is stranded and isolated on a desert island, Pine is forced to face his inner fears and, by the way, survive with the problem of what to eat in a place where there is no possible food source. Suffice it to say that in his extreme anxiety he will have to use his surgical training to solve this dicey problem.
While there are other stories that give me the shivers, I am always drawn to “Word Processor of the Gods.” I 1st read it before I ever owned — or even used — a personal computer, and its basis involving a word processor with supernatural powers, while trivial on the surface, was very captivating to me as an ambitious writer. King asks: What if you simply typed a sentence like “I wish I were married to the prettiest, kindest person on earth,” and by pressing ENTER, it came true? Possibly in the hands of a lesser writer the idea is senseless, but King tells his story with a fine balance of spookiness and fun. The concluding paragraph is a gem.
The beauty of a compilation like Skeleton Crew is that you can read as much or as little of it as you like, picking whatever story strikes your fancy at any given moment. If you are a newbie to King’s narrative and don’t want to commit yourself to a major novel such as IT or The Stand, this is a good place to start.

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