Someone like You pdf

Someone like You pdf

Someone like You pdf

Someone like You pdf

About the book:

Someone like You book

Author:                        Sarah Dessen

Publisher:                    Puffin Books

Publish date:               May 11, 2004

ISBN-10:                      0142401773

ISBN-13:                      9780142401774

Pages:                          281 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young adult



Sarah Dessen really shows how extraordinary a best friend can be in her novel Someone like You. This book makes you reflect about how friendships can transform your life with any condition brought upon you, boyfriends, parents, drugs, or a pregnancy. But how the real friends will always stay around. Typically I go for the fantasy books, ones where you can ride in the magical rainforest on a glossy black Pegasus. Sarah Dessen really made Halley’s and Scarlet’s lives seem so real though, like I was really there. All that Halley or Scarlet did I followed. Halley, who is a lone child and never really defied her parents until her senior year, narrates this book. This was the year where everything changed. Halley’s best friend Scarlet had a boyfriend, who died in a motor bike accident, leaving Scarlet to discover that she was pregnant with his child. To make things worse Halley gets involved in an unethical relationship where she gets into things such as drugs, and close to having sex. As I read on, a question came to my mind on whether I would stay with my friends if all of that happened to me. But similar to Halley and Scarlet my friends mean the world to me. So there is no reluctance in my mind, that I would do anything for my best friend, just like Halley would do anything for Scarlet. My English professor suggested this book for me to read, since I had already read another book of Sarah Dessen called Keeping the Moon. Both are alike, friendship is the core theme throughout the whole story. If I were to recommend this book to someone else, it would have to be someone who loves their friends and would do anything for them. This book has some very strong emotions in it, and conditions a lot of juveniles go through. I think it is pointing toward high school girls. Any younger may not understand how essential your friends are when going through some life circumstances like the ones Halley and Scarlet faced. The finest thing of this book is that it really tells a deeper story then the words in the book. It tells you how horrible things can be, but how a friend can see you through everything and afar. So I’m so happy that I have my friends!
This is an awesome book for teenagers, but it’s also simply a very, very well-cooked novel. I loved it from the 1st page to the last and I can’t wait to read other books by Sarah Dessen. So read “Someone Like You” and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Enjoy!

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