Test Your C Skills Pdf (Yashavant Kanetkar)

Test Your C Skills Pdf

Test Your C Skills Pdf

Test Your C Skills Pdf

About the Book:

Test Your C Skills Book

Author:                             Yashavant P. Kanetkar

Publisher:                         BPB Publications

Publish date:                   1 December 2005

ISBN-10:                            8183331181

ISBN-13:                            9788183331180

Pages:                                 461 eBook pages can be different

Language:                          English

Genres:                                Computer, Programming


This book explains all the encoded concepts through the appropriate questions given for every single topic.it comprises of Object Oriented Paradigm ,C++,Virtual functions, ,namespaces ,templates , and radical concepts like RTTI, smart pointers, all types of castings and exception handling. Best for theoretical concepts. It’s a great book for anyone preparing for interviews, you will get to know where you stand. As concepts which are not usually regarded by students are clearly described. A very decent for those who are trying to get employed in IT firms and also for C lovers like me.
It is an excellent book, covers a lot of MCQs, however, some of the questions have ambiguous details. Otherwise one of the finest book for MCQs on C out there in the market, and a must experience for all those craving to test their C skills! It certainly has more than the necessary number of questions, obliging and great for practicing. It doesn’t matter if u are looking for a job after graduation. This book will assist you undergo every minor detail every slight variation in everything that is possible in C. With lots of MCQs and the best part is their description and solutions are provided right below them, this book will definitely help to refresh your C skills.
It is a repository that assists a beginner to dive deep into concepts. Must have book for anyone keen to mug up the shades of vast C language. Also gives you food for thought. This book is really a very good book of c, the questions are very standard.
Here are the reasons for you to must read this book. The material of book is just great and very beneficial. If you are incisive for interview questions, then go for this book. There is a great deal of stuff which cannot be acquired from traditional books that can only be absorbed when run through the problem (or good problems).
Overall you can overlook all the blips of this book, and it is very good book for a profound learner and job seekers. So, go ahead guys and enjoy learning c language concepts that we forgo sometimes.

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