The Alchemist Pdf

The Alchemist Pdf

The Alchemist Pdf

The Alchemist Pdf

About the book:

The Alchemist book

Author:                        Paulo Coelho

Publisher:                    HarperOne; 1st edition

Publish date:               April 25, 2006

ISBN-10:                      0061122416

ISBN-13:                      9780061122415

Pages:                         197 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Quest, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy



I read it over the course of 1 day, thought “fine tale” and began reading another book immediately after I finished this one. But I found that the lessons enclosed in this simple tale of a shepherd boy looking for treasure, won’t be lay off so easily. They must have taken up abode in my subliminal and kicked up some grime, because my mind keeps recurring to the lessons of the tale to find new and more elusive insights having formed.

These are lessons that we all discern in our hearts, but that we overlook as we get wrapped up in the fuss of our material lives. Lessons about heeding to our hearts and ensuing our dreams. Lessons about breathing in the mo., the ephemeral nature of assets and the artifice that we can even “possess” something to start with. Lessons about freeing ourselves from agony and about understanding our lives as part of the vitality of the Universe and understanding that everything will fall into place the way it was intended to. Lessons about believing in signs, knowing that our lives have a big purpose and that the powers of the Universe will combine to assist us achieve that purpose. In a world of negative people who censure and will beat you down, you have to stay focused on your real mission or you will gone astray and exasperated. The people who dislike this book think those who love it are ingenuous or hippies, naive and just ordinary weirdoes, I feel sad for you. I, for one, want to wish to have a dream come true, I want to follow it, enjoy the course and mayhap, just mayhap, realize that goal. Great story of innovation, learning from the world in general and believing your resolution for existing on planet Earth while you stroll on it. And the lesson that all of the good fortunes and hard lucks we comes across in life are part of our spiritual learning, and that it’s not the mortal “treasure” we seek that’s significant but the lessons learned while in chase of it. If you like to think over the meaning of life, then let your mind and spirit think about the lessons in this book. It’s a fast and entertaining read that will provide some new understandings, or remind you of some old one’s that you’ve forgotten. Gorgeous, inspiring, easy to read book. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

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