The Bourne Supremacy Pdf

The Bourne Supremacy Pdf

The Bourne Supremacy Pdf

The Bourne Supremacy Pdf

About the book:

The Bourne Supremacy book

Author:                        Robert Ludlum

Publisher:                    Bantam; Reissue edition

Publish date:               February 1, 1987

ISBN-10:                      0553263226

ISBN-13:                      9780553263220

Pages:                          646 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Thriller


If you’ve read more than a couple of Ludlum’s books, you’re possibly thinking the same thing that I do. After the third or fourth one, you start to lose the way of which deceived and frantic agent is running from which immoral and corrupted government organization. They seem like run together, don’t they? It’s Ludlum’s technique and it has clearly served him superbly.
“The Bourne Supremacy” is a different pot of fish, though. There’s no muddling this one up with anything else Ludlum, or anyone else, has written. This book thrills some serious latter.

Robert Ludlum always engaged me in his well-researched books that I curse myself for ever wishful of writing one myself! At times, the simplest of the sentences that he structures circle me in them for minutes, though I try to figure out the several other implications he might have envisioned for the said.

Jason Bourne is finally shown as the man with more than two parts well at the end of the book, until when it was only oblique, and never openly presented. I was dreading that this book might accord with the film, but thank goodness! That never came about. The film has a different storyline than the book. I can literally carry on for hours, ominous about the sides of mortality covered in the book. Or just the perplexing story that changed with every succeeding chapter.
The plot makes itself clear in due course, and it’s pretty awesome when it does. And have I mentioned the action? There are numerous remarkable scenes that I’m not even mentioning any of them here. Trust me, its great stuff.

There were times in the center of it that my head was spinning. What the heck was happening? If the action wasn’t so insanely remarkable, I might have bailed. But the action, my God, the action was so breathtaking. The prolonged discourses and account add so richly to the background of the plot that at times I long for more description! Robert Ludlum seems to me the master of storytelling in the category he writes for. Overall, this a fast-paced and engaging read. You can’t put your head off the book until you reach the end that is for sure. I highly recommend this to those who loves action and are die-hard fans of Robert Ludlum.

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