The Dark Tower: The Drawing Of The Three pdf

The Drawing Of The Three pdf

The Drawing Of The Three pdf

The Drawing Of The Three pdf

The Drawing Of The Three book:

City of Ashes book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Signet

Publish date:               August 5, 2003

ISBN-10:                      1416972242

ISBN-13:                      9780937986905, 9780451210852

Pages:                          480 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Western



This book is a decent sequel to the 1st of the spell-binding series- The Gunslinger. It’s a real page-turner and in the end will leave you begging for more. Although personally I thought The Gunslinger left more to be craved, The Drawing of the Three more than makes up for its trifling flaws and leads you ever closer to the peak of Roland’s heroic quest.

One of the Dark Tower Series’ greatest strengths is Stephen King’s extraordinary portrayal. It makes you not only see but feel the surroundings. King certainly showcased this ability in this book, and put you through one heck of a ride. From the instant you begin the book you are taken to a different world, Roland’s world, a deserted beach full of awful “lobstrosities” that King takes great efforts to describe. King also describes New York City in depth through Roland’s eyes, a truly epic challenge considering Roland is unaware to the technological wonders of our world.

But the utmost feat the book has accomplished is, without question, the quirky ensemble of characters King creates. The cast is full of fascinating stories, a strange group of crusaders bound by the same “ka”. Eddie Dean is possibly the most memorable, a heroin addict fighting his addiction and the New York Underworld, aversely “drawn” by Roland to search for the great tower. But Odetta Homes can’t be outshined- as well as her furtive evil double- Detta Walker. She’s a schizophrenic, fighting her dark half which impends to rule her, the makes of a dazzling story. The 3rd character who is drawn also fits surprisingly into the plot and sets the stage for an exhilarating climax.

And in the middle of it all, lies Roland, the only gunslinger. Haunted by his past and compulsively bound by his onus to search for the Dark Tower, he is the dominant character, the acme of the books. He is perhaps King’s greatest creation, his struggle is stirring, and he is the tack that holds the fantastic story together. You can’t help but wait for the final apex, the next installment- it’ll leave you begging for more.
The 450 pages just fly past, but it gives some hint of the epic story that King is creating, since even at the end of Volume 2, we are still near the start of the journey. I only hope that once Roland reaches his Dark Tower, the tale doesn’t fizz out. Overall, this book offers much more boom for your buck than The Gunslinger, because it’s twice as long, written twice as good, and there’s twice as much action.
King has worked wonders with this book. It was an amazing read!

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