The Dead Zone pdf

The Dead Zone pdf

The Dead Zone pdf

The Dead Zone pdf

About the book:

The Dead Zone book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Viking Press

Publish date:               August 1979

ISBN-10:                      1416972242

ISBN-13:                      9781416972242

Pages:                          428 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Horror



In my own personal opinion, this is the greatest story Stephen King has ever written. Not the most terrifying, not the most exciting, no: but this novel has true fictional worth. And a tragic hero (not a sheer “protagonist, mind you) who really qualifies for the title.

John Smith (his name directly marks him out as the “common man”) is blessed and cursed with 2nd sight. It began as a minor ability due to a skateboarding accident in his childhood; but when he wins on a grand scale at the roulette wheel in a village festival, this “gift” proves to be his downfall. Because while coming home late from the festival, the taxi John is travelling in meets with a terrible accident, and he is precipitated into a 4-year coma.
While he is asleep, John loses his profession, girlfriend, everything. He wakes up an indigent in material terms, but gifted with the developed version of his hidden childhood gift.
And thus begins the career of John Smith, the intuitive.
As he moves from sighting to horrific sighting, the amount of darkness he exhumes in human souls pushes John further and further down into a sort of spiritual chasm. There seems to no resolution to his disastrous life, until he meets Greg Stillson, potential presidential candidate. A casual handshake allows John Smith a look into the cesspool that is the soul of the future president of the USA: and abruptly, he finds that there is something he has to do. Finish of Stillson, before he finishes of civilization as we know it.
There is horror in this novel. But it is not paranormal, oh no: John’s supernatural power is benevolent. The horror is in what that power exhumes. Yes, Greg Stillson is the monster in this story.
One must pay respect to Stephen King’s gift of seeing into the prospect. At the time the novel was written, people would have laughed at the idea that a secular democracy would elect a scoundrel like Stillson into office. I would simply suggest that events of the past 2 decades have swayed me otherwise.
This is one of the most precisely crafted books that I have read. John’s and Greg’s careers start simultaneously, certain to meet at some point of time: yet King weaves the story so well that when the meeting finally takes place, there is no sagacity of the let-down of predestination. And the finale is totally surprising.
The last chapter, “Notes from the Dead Zone”, is one of the most striking passages of style in my experience. Stephen King rises almost to the level of a poet here, the way the words flow.

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