The Devil and Miss Prym Pdf

The Devil and Miss Prym Pdf

The Devil and Miss Prym Pdf

The Devil and Miss Prym Pdf

About the Book:

The Devil and Miss Prym Book

Author:                        Paulo Coelho

Series:                          P.S.

Publisher:                    Harper Perennial; Reprint edition

Publish date:               April 10, 2007

ISBN-10:                      0060528001

ISBN-13:                      9780060528003

Pages:                          240 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


“The Devil and Miss Prym” is the last of a Coelho’s series that travels around the bounds of Good and Evil and their sway on the human ambiance. In this tale a stranger, maltreated and discouraged by the utter worse that life can dole out, visits a small town with the intention of executing an experiment aimed at appeasing some of his resentment and agony. While in the village, he counts on the assistance of Miss Prym who, fed up with small town living, sees an opportunity for escape; but at what cost? As the tale reveals the people of Viscos mug up the experiment and how they, mutually and exclusively, can benefit from it. It is Coelho’s debriefing of the villagers’ intentions that provides the reader with a sight of the clashing forces of good and evil. I’ve read some reviews of this book and one of the criticisms I keep seeing over and over again are people complaining about how cliché it is to write a book about good and evil. My reaction to those retorts is hard to put into words. Because at one point, I agree but sometimes I feel like I’d be mendacious to myself if I didn’t acknowledge that the notion of an unhuman battle between good and evil really stir me up. I’ve been thoughtful about this book for the past 3 days. Yesterday evening in the superstore —I was thinking about spirits and fiends. Last night when we took a visit through a house that’s for rent—I was thinking about good vs. evil. This afternoon on the train—are humans innately good or innately evil? Or are we just lured by one or the other? Do we have both angel and devil on our sides murmuring into our ears? Where did evil emanate? How did it spread all over the world? It’s all very stimulating and it will make your head spin if you let it. The book is also pretty short so albeit I’m back to work after a weekend break that was chockfull with reading, so don’t have as much time to read for liking, I still read this book in about 2 days. Overall, this book is a great read with the potential of keeping you engrossed in it till the end.

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