The Fall of Reach Pdf

The Fall of Reach Pdf

The Fall of Reach Pdf

The Fall of Reach Pdf

About the Book:

The Fall of Reach Book

Author:                             Eric Nylund

Publisher:                        Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:                   June 28, 2011

ISBN-10:                         0765367297

ISBN-13:                          9780765367297

Pages:                            448 eBook pages can be different

Language:                      English

Genres:                             Military science fiction


I don’t play computer games but the novel captivated me in its appearance and presentation. Eric Nylund’s writing is prodigious and I already have 2 other books from him since I read this novel. Mr. Nylund’s story telling and greater than life characters in this book make it evidently above and beyond just a game book. The story begins with a woman named Dr. Halsey who is creating a super warrior for the forthcoming war that is coming in the semblance of an alien race that seems irresistible and unknown to humans in any way shape or form. Dr. Halsey and her assistant Jacob Keyes take a dozen youngsters from orphanages and make them into super beings through infinite surgeries, medications, and a battle school that is far greater and secret than usual military. The leader, and main character comes from a boy or man they call number 117, or John. John is not the toughest or the wildest, but he has the cognizance of a leader. The reader then goes on a ride through these poor teen’s boot camp and watch them fail as well as overcome their own qualms and others partiality. This insight and character development, varied with great action series is what keeps this novel from being just another fast written game book for the lads. The author’s writing style is made for this sort of novel and it shows in every cosmos battle as well as groundside wars as well. This novel goes through about 24 years or so, so you get to follow the teen’s growth, as well as some of the other ordinary humans rise and falls through these years. The aliens are introduced gradually and exposed for who and what they are in a way that clings the reader wanting to read more to find out – very clever! Sci-fi critics will censure some of the technical aspects of the Halo universe (for instance, it is 500 years in the future where humans have learnt faster-than-light travel and real artificial intelligence, yet militaries and vessels still use solid ammo as their main weapons), but those issues are negligible. Nylund is still able to swing incredulity. And it doesn’t obstruct the overall good story. If you love military cosmos masque with lots of great action with lots of great characters written in – then you will find that this is not just another game novel. As Halo books it is one of the superior ones. Well written. I’m not much into the Halo game, but I love Military Sci-Fi. Overall, good book by itself. But I recommend you play the game as well. If you love the game, then this novel is a must read! I can’t wait until the sequel for both!

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