The False Prince Pdf

The False Prince Pdf

The False Prince Pdf

The False Prince Pdf

About the book:

The False Prince book

Author:                      Jennifer A. Nielsen

Series: The False Prince (Book 1)

Publisher:                  Scholastic Paperbacks

Publish date:               February 1, 2013

ISBN-10:                      1423157516

ISBN-13:                     9781423157519

Pages:                          512 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction


“The Ancestry Trilogy” has currently two volumes, result in success. “The False Prince” is the first book and was heaped praise on

Alas, I am not the. Certainly it is well written but it is far too expected and no substance. To advise I think readers to 12-14 years, but soon afterwards I think it deviates from the audience.

The story:. A mysterious man buys orphans like physically, to train for 2 weeks to become the Prince of the kingdom, Prince mysteriously disappeared four years ago following a pirate attack at sea The royal family (father, mother, heir to the throne) died poisoned, it was he who would be the heir to the throne. 4 boys are competing:
– A sickly boy
– Tobias, a boy a little educated and quickly absorbing knowledge but thick as a brick
– Reden, an ambitious boy who dreams of becoming king
– Sage, chiseled spread, the incessant mischief but usually driven by a good feeling (or boredom) who dreams only of one thing, not to be Prince of the Kingdom

There will be a clear turnaround to 3/4 of the book (some readers have considered a thunderclap, what innocent ^^). For me the situations are quite obvious, quite grotesque, and the characters. But it is rhythmic and entertaining (I read the novel until the end …).

In short, a good read for young readers, but definitely not for me, the new Harry Potter or the new Hunger Games …

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