The Fault in Our Stars pdf

The Fault in Our Stars pdf

The Fault in Our Stars pdf download

The Fault in Our Stars pdf download

About the book:

The Fault in Our Stars pdf download

Author:                        John Green

Publisher:                    Dutton Books

Publish date:               January 10, 2012

ISBN-10:                      0525478817

ISBN-13:                      9780525478812

Pages:                          313 (ebook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young Adult Novel


John Green, the author of this book and one of my favorite authors, is among those people who considers that not to pay attention to spoilers before reading the book and I agree with his sensible opinion, to not write anything like that and if you catch any, I will leave clearly mentioned so that those people who do not want to read it, do not.

This book is about patients who are suffering from cancer, but not too much about cancer. It’s a book about the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, who for thirteen living with a lethal illness. Now the tumor is, in a way, controlled by a few drugs and allowing her to live a while longer, though no one knows if that time will be some days, months or years. Nearly all life of Hazel is to be prepare for death all the time. She is a vegetarian because she wants to lessen the number of deaths that she is liable and cares about how her mother will manage with being a mother to no longer be a mother, in the middle of other things, such as what will be state of marriage of their parents after her death.

Hazel encounters a boy named Augustus Waters in one of the support group sessions that she rarely attends. Augustus is smart, appealing, and has a prosthetic leg, while there are no signs of cancer in his body. The main difference between Hazel and Augustus is simple: Augustus has a future, while has Hazel not. Hazel did not have time but it does not lessen the effect of admiration what Augustus feels for her. They become friends, but Hazel draws a line there. She do not want to be the grenade that destroys the feelings of Augustus.

From here onwards, it is good to discover by yourselves that what happens next. It’s a quick read, with brainy humour and as wonderful as that of its author, John Green. I love the way how John writes, it depicts his intelligence and creativity. No doubt, its characters are the best in all his stories. This book will make you laugh quite often, while at some points it also make you sad not because the book is about cancer, but because you appreciate the characters, you almost feel like yourself.

I disagree with many reviews that talk about how two characters act like adults when they are just teenagers. They are normal teenagers having that magic and that certain excellence of fictional characters, but do not act as adults, but as more sensible youngsters. Anyhow, I have learned that there are many ways to read a book, and to understand it. The best way to discover is to read it by yourself. This book surely not a disappointment for many.

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