Halo The Flood Pdf

Halo The Flood Pdf

The Flood Pdf

The Flood Pdf

About the Book:

Halo The Flood Book

Author:                             William C. Dietz

Publisher:                        Tor Books; Reprint edition

Publish date:                   February 28, 2012

ASIN:                                 0765367300

ISBN-10:                         0345459210

ISBN-13:                          9780765367303

Pages:                            432 eBook pages can be different

Language:                      English

Genres:                             Military science fiction


This epic Sci-Fi tell the story of the Spartan Super Soldier John/Master Chief, as he awakes from cry sleep in the middle of a great battle upon the ship The Pillar Of Autumn. Instantly John is engaged with a huge amount of glitches, as the ship’s captain Captain Jacob Keyes, and the ships A.I. unit Cortana, announce that the ship will be crash landing on the impending Ring-World Halo (hence the name of the series). After crash landing on Halo, Master Chief is challenged by the stories key enemy, a group of numerous species of aliens known as The Covenant, whose foremost resolution is to ride the cosmos of other species to achieve religious freedom.

The Main clash in this book is Man vs. Alien, as Master Chief must somehow find a way off Halo, and back to Earth. The subject is about the struggle of Human race against its new arch rivals The Covenant. Being as though the Book is based off of the game, it was hard for the author to waif too far from the real main plot, but in his slyness he is fully able to tell a handful of small stories going on simultaneously that Master Chief is trying his escape.

Halo is something that is 2nd nature to lads of my generation. Everybody and their mom knows of the well-known Halo trilogy. It is an ordinary mark of Good vs. Evil. I indorse this book to anybody who would like to discover a perplexing new Sci-Fi. The book is truly diverse from what people would expect from the game, as the book goes more in depth of Master Chief’s considerations and intentions, it really gives u a trace of what Master Chief most of gone through as he was facing what you were reading.
Consequently, the book helps you explore the HALO universe and not only that, it is a very well written story. To sum up, “THE FLOOD” is a solid piece of writing that deserves more consideration than it is getting. This book is for anyone who adores the halo series and wants to build on to the halo story and to acquire more about the flood but be ready to draw in one of the best story’s you’ll ever read in the halo trilogy. I’d recommend this book to every single person out there older than 14 and people who played the award-winning X-Box game “Halo: Combat Evolved” Overall, this book is very enjoyable to read.

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