The One Pdf

The One Pdf

The One Pdf

The One Pdf

About the book:

The One book

Author:                        Kiera Cass

Publisher:                    HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks

Publish date:               5 Jun. 2014

ISBN-10:                      0007466714

ISBN-13:                      9780007466719

Pages:                          336 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Romance & Young Adult


“The One” is the final book in the trilogy “Selection”. A few days after its release, there are already hundreds of comments appeared, all very laudatory.

Personally, I am far from ecstatic but I’m not clear public party. I was attracted by the beautiful cover of the first book, and I had fun with the story: how a Bachelor turned reality TV, but where the Bachelor is the heir to the throne (Virgin) and where selection leading to choice of the future Princess is a legal process established by the state, where girls of all castes are drawn to participate (in theory …). Incidentally, everything is done in an atmosphere “Empress Sissi” with gilded moldings, endless dresses and domestic galore. More kitsch, you die.

– Volume 1 America the beautiful, one of the lowest castes, is selected. She does not want to go (she already has a lover), but family pressure (a lot of money to the key for each week of participation) is the yield. The Prince and get to know and appreciate.
– Volume 2 former love with America by a strange turn of fate (Biiiien on) is drawn to be part of the palace guards, passing it the caste 6 (quasi lowest) caste 2 ( the most prestigious, exclusive of the royal family). America does not know whether it should continue its relationship with the prince or the one with his former lover. When in doubt, it tries to keep both sides (not well: o)
In 2 volumes, to put the chili, there are rebels seeking to overthrow the monarchy and King (father of Prince) who is a true dictator sovereign and brutalizes her son.

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